Build quality issues anyone?


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Oct 19, 2012
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, North A
Just wanted to know if anyone has any hardware issues with the Pandora and possibly knows how to fix anything  :D

One thing that bugged me since day one is the hinge, it's a bit loose and the screen is all floppy, it snaps into its place and then it just falls back, I see myself actually holding it into a comfortable viewing angle. But that's probably an easy fix, more advanced issues are my touch screen that's all wonky (hard to explain, but my cursor just flies around when I use the stylus) and I don't think my first SD card slot works at all. 

Are these just stupid problems or should I actually get this fixed? If this is stupid I apologize for being a n00bish annoyance  :wacko:
Try recalibrating the touchscreen. If that does not work it could be grit in the bezel area. Bezel is plastic line below touchscreen.
The left SD card slot should work, as the tester/flasher runs off it - if it wouldn't work, we couldn't have flashed the firmware :)

The LCD sounds like it has the issue we currently have with the batch we just got.

Sadly, it can't be fixed, it needs to be replaced.
Recalibrating the touch screen actually makes the screen less accurate because I can't get my cursor to directly hit the dot without flying to the middle of the screen. The touchscreen isn't something that I rely on, however. I think the hinge and sd slot are more important to have fixed. I think I might consider sending out my Pandora for repairs. Thanks for the help.
I have had the cursor jumping around the screen, often jumping to one of the borders of the screen, I actually found my casing was pressing against the touch screen which sometimes got registered as a press. I was able to fix it by gently pushing around the edge of the screen to ensure it was nicely seated.
I keep my screen flat . Seems to eliminate my issues :) . Though it would be nice to have the screen be adjustable .