Best Mp3 Player...

I thank all those who helped me on this ordeal :)

I've decided on the Zen Touch, mainly due to it's reliability, construction, price, and battery life. Hope I made a good decision on it.
well in a duplicated topic i created by mistake because i didn't see this one i decided on a gmini 400 maybe you should look at that it does seem quite good + its the same size as an ipod with mpeg 4 decoding and the ability 2 playback on a tv aswell as built in compact flash
Good choice with the creative, its got the best sound chip of any mp3 player and the battery life kicks ass.

in all honestly the hard drive issues have been blown way out of proportion. The rio/karma community is a very small one so you don't get as much wankish fanboyism ala the ipod, however issues with the player are made even more clear as they are one of the small topics that is discussed. i've been using mine for a good ten months and have only ever had to do a hard reset once, after five minutes of rebuilding its file archive it was fine again. you'll find the vast majority of ppl have a very similar experience.

good luck with the creative, gear.ign always speak highly of them and i trust them when it comes to reviews.