Beat2x V0.5

miq01 posted on Aug 21 2006 at 09:03 AM said:
Yes, I think it makes sense. For example, if there's a LEFT ARROW followed by an UP ARROW it seems easier to put your left foot on the left one and then (without changing its position) your right foot to the upper one.

I'm changing some code right now and ^MiSaTo^, Puck2099 and I will talk on IRC and will try to solve it tonight.

No, there's no video support.

Yes. Well, sort of (check PokeParadox messages). Still, it works with the console buttons.

In this thread as shown in this img:


You said that you will try to video support. Are you still doing this, or is it not going to be added into Beat2x?
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Dont count on videos buddy. Anyway, some of the songs I was making for beat2x were designed for fingers only. LOL. I can bet that 98% of DDR players cant even get past the first 20 seconds of this one song thats WIP.