Beat2x Pack - Ddr Mix 7 (max 2)


Sep 14, 2005
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PSyMastR's Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix


Well, here is my third pack for miq01's amazing game Beat2x. This pack is a compliation of songs from DDR's 7th Mix. Once again, I too the original steps from DDR and completely tweaked the songs so they are in fact beatable buy button pressings. I converted the songs to 96kb/sec to save room (Its about 1MB or less for each song). Many beat2x songs focus on the arrows too much, so I tweaked a lot of these songs to rely on the L and R buttons equally, or in some songs, a lot more. I think it worked out for the better. I really like this mix, and hope you will too.
Song List (Stepmania Difficulty):

Sweet Sweet Magic (3 Steps)
The Whistle Song (4 Steps)
Break Down (4 Steps)
B4U (5 Steps)
Baby Love Me (5 Steps)
Stay (6 Steps)
Sexy Planet (7 Steps)
Ecstasy (Midnight blue mix) (8 Steps)

URL To File:,0,0,0,57,1554

Im almot done with my two custom packs. Lets just say that Ive been working on them since beat2x .02 where the up and down arrows were still the old way lol. Anyway, I hope to finish it really soon now that school is almost over.[/CUT]
@miq01 there is a glitch in where you cant have less then 3 songs in a pack, I posted that in the beat2x .4 thread, but I dont know if you read it. Its just a heads up :D

@devestation, ya I was thinking about making general DDR packs and maybe a DDR-Mix-7v2 or something also a v2 for 5, as they both got a lot of songs i like.