Advanced Original Beat2x Step File Generator (version 3.0) Released


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Mar 4, 2003
AndrewTheArt released a new version of his Step-Generator for Beat2X for Windows.

With this tool, you can easily create your own Beat2x Music Themes :D

Recent Updates/Enhancements as of 6/17/07

(1) OGG Support added in v3! This is an exciting development because this is the native format taken by Beat2x on the gp2x. However, the ogg wrapper I used seems to be a little slow - bear with it, please.

(2) New offset/delay controls to make up for the user's delayed reaction time after the timer stops and the recording starts (extremely important).
Allows one to compensate for a dealy in the music and to generally fix problems with the audio and notes being out of sync on the gp2x.

(3) Now prompts the user to convert a non OGG (mp3, wav, etc) file into a OGG file by opening the file in a portable version of Audacity.

(4) Graphical addition that (as the user records the file) allows one to see what the file will basically look like on the gp2x screen!!

Download: Beat2X Step File Generator
is there any source code i can grab or anyway i can try and port this to Linux. Last version didn't work with wine.

Also has anyone had success running the Beat2x game through the cradle s-video out as i couldn't get this running on my projector :( ...

tried a few different firmwares and the tv-out fixer but still to no avail...

my gp2x is first edition with new style cradle and firmware currently set to 2.1.1

cheers and keep up the excellent work
Hey, this is AndrewTheArt, the developer of this software. I could give out the source code, but it's pretty messy and inscrutable. Additionally, I prefer to not give out my code anyway (just my preference). On the note of running this program in Linux, at this time it cannot be done because the program calls the methods of two DLL's for audio playback (winmm.dll for mp3, wav, etc playback and fmodx.dll for ogg playback). Mono (the .NET runtime implementation for Linux) doesn't know how to run these DLL's. The only way this problem could be fixed if if someone know of native Mono/Linux methods to play OGG, mp3, wav, etc files.

I'd love to get this program up and running in Linux if (reiterating here) someone knew of a way to playback various music files (mp3, ogg, etc) in Mono.
EDIT: I'll work on this problem and version 4 will probably be cross platform (not for Mac though).