base Pyra's Debian on Stretch from the start?




I've been thinking:
With the Pyra likely being released in January [1] and Debian Stretch (currently "Testing") going into full freeze in February [2][3], wouldn't it make sense to base Pyra's Debian on Stretch right from the start instead of Jessie as is listed in the wiki [4]?

I'm a big fan of Debian Stable, all of my computers run it, but given that the Pyra's Debian will likely need some tweaks at the beginning, which MIGHT make sense to forward to Debian, and that there would likely be quite some backports either due to necessity or due to user preference, I think it's worth considering to target Stretch from the start.
In the best case some of the prototype owners or early regular Pyra owners could send bug reports to Debian even before the full freeze begins.
I wrote some bug reports myself and I'd be volunteering to assist in writing bug reports of others.



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Jan 18, 2010
You're not the only one that has expressed interest in this, and I don't think anyone is committed to stable, we started with Jessie when it was testing. aTc, and I think zmatt have already played with an early stretch image, but of course a bit of the Pyra specific repository items still need updating. I think this will happen, just right now the there is more pressing issues like getting all the hardware drivers working that needs to be resolved before hand.


That sounds good! I just wanted to make sure, that the people who are in charge of the OS are aware of that possibility (and the general situation leading to it).