Arcade Emulation (focused on M.A.M.E.)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sareks, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Because legal power has the force.
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    Doesn't stop you using the last public version, or indeed it seems as if the FBA maintainers have just relicensed it to Capcom, and aren't canning the public version, just Capcom get the use of a licensed version of the core in addition to the open source users.

    Of course, if there were other patches from other devs and they haven't been consulted and paid appropriately, then the maintainers have broken copyright law. I'm just not sure if anyone cares enough to prosecute, although time will show I suppose.

    But I've published a few open source libs and things, and I'd be very happy to relicense that to some company that wants to pay me for it. It helps me that nobody's ever submitted a patch for it to me though.

    Open source has never been against people using the code in commercial products; in fact RMS's original beef that kicked this all off was about commercial printer driver code that he used to get a copy of when he bought the printer, and was able to tweak until they stopped shipping the source. Provided capcom released they changes to the code, all they needed to do was to republish their changes to it, but I guess japanese companies aren't enlightened enough to work in that model, and preferred to open their wallets. That the FBA mods didn't check with their patch authors means they made the booboo, not capcom.
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