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Aug 21, 2003
Been playing around with the Firmware maker. Haven't flashed anything yet but have constructed an .fxe according to the instructions.

Basically what it does is display some text containing my name, address and phone number. Then, you press L or R to launch YAFL, A to launch the EuroFW or B to launch Team K2YAA's MP3 player. All these have been unfxe'd then turned into arrays as per the instructions.

All works fine except for the MP3 player, which just resets the GP32 if I try to launch it.

Has anyone got any ideas why?

When I unfxe MP3.FXE, I get the following output

Total FXE file size is 541204 bytes
FXE info size is 1108 bytes
Game title: MP3 Player
Game author:
Reserved: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 '................'
FXE file data size is 285132 bytes
FXE encryption key size is 254948 bytes

I don't pretend to understand this but is the encryption key mentioned here in anyway significant? I find it strange that MP3.GXB turned out to be half the size of the .fxe whereas the size of YAFL didn't change significantly.
Use the -g switch to save the encryption key to the outputted GXB.. otherwise it won't work.
Ahh, cheers, works fine now - except it's now too big to fit on the ROM :(

Oh well, guess I'll have to forget the MP3 player. I think I'll fill up the rest of the space with a background picture of a cow and a big MOOOOO! noise for every time I turn on the GP32 :lol:
aquafish_ posted on Mar 1 2004 at 11:50 PM said:
please don't use gp firmware maker, it's quite instable (I've also removed it on my website) prefer to use gpfw from hitmen/groepaz which is safer.
arghh :)
i just was going to play around with it... and now its gone.
i wanted to try it with geepee.. what is this other thing?
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