Anybody Else With An Xperia Play?


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Jul 19, 2003
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Just wanted to know if I'm the only one enjoying this phone around the community... I've been thoroughly enjoying it since I got it, although I feel like there is not so much of a community for it, but still a nice piece of hardware for the price (free as long as I don't break my contract). Between titles optimized for the device, old PS1 games and just android games in general I've been enjoying it but seeing as I've always been a homebrew/indie enthusiast I find the few sites and android market a bit... well, desolate...

Just wanted to know if there was anybody else who had a Play and wanted to rant back and forth about games, device ups and downs, the pains of gamelofts craptastic job on implementing the touchpad sticks in games like MC3 that make playing online completely lame (there is no way I should be getting throttled by people using touchscreen controls that badly...), etc.

Don't think I'm abandoning my old systems for it though, just getting more attention atm as it's highly convenient as it's a cell also, recharges quickly, last ~5 hours full out gaming and is currently right beside me, while my Pandora is still in the "hospital"... I still play my GP2X, Wiz, GP32 and Caanoo and intend to throw together something special for you guys in the next few months, but I'm not gonna promise anything cause I seem to be 90% vapor nowadays and get beat down by real life entirely too easy :p
I have one. I only have small memory card in it so it's main being used for snes and gba games at the minute. It's a really nice device. I still use my caanoo for picodrive since it has segacd support and everything.
i bought one back in october when the price dropped severely, i paid £179 sim free from amazon. i have to say its the best phone ive ever had, native games are good on it (gta III is amazing if a bit laggy) and emulation is excellent, especially ps1. only downside for me is build quality is a bit iffy, the sliding mechanism seems a bit too loose for my liking and i hate glossy things, shows scuffs/scratches up terribly. And i read just today that sony are going to be introducing psp titles to the list of games for playstation certified devices soon.
It'll be nice if they start cranking out PSP/PS2 ports and new titles moreso... I managed to pick up my Play for free, but I'm locked into a 3 year contract... still, I'm happy with it and the only problem I have is android doesn't seem to like my way of having 420+ games/apps installed and the 32GB microsd pretty much completely filled! I'm disappointed that android doesn't. As for GTA3, they keep on updating and improving performance, so I've been happy with that ;) Can't believe the gameloft games chewed up 10GB of my card alone... I'm just glad that I've had something to fall back on since my Pandora is away for repairs and my Wiz finally died... I'm sorry to say it but the Caanoo felt like a complete ripoff to me :p If it couldn't play Wiz/GP2X games it wouldn't cut it... too few games and native software make it the abandoned bastard child... Even emulation seems lacking :(

i read this article here ( yesterday and have a few questions about SNES and PS1 emulation.
At the moment, i'm using a PSP-3004 for SNES and PS1 Emulation.

Can anybody compare these two devices (Xperia Play an PSP)?
Are there any advantages for me, getting a Xperia Play (I would use it as a gaming device only, not as a phone/internet/mail device)?