Xperia Play vs Pandora


Great review. I read this entire thread, and read your entire review. I trust your review better than any "vs." review I can google. I realize your'e not a professional, and "just some guy" as you said yourself -- so with that, something from say TomsHardware would of course be better -- but this is actually a twisted compliment because the level of detail, explanation and thoroghness (I think I just made up a word) is to the quality of Tom's site. Thanks again.

Do you have any experience/opinions on the Sony UX series, OQO's, Samsung Q1Ultra's?

The second the Xperia Play can emulate PS2 games, I'm in. Until then, I'll stick with my hacked PSP, and continue to teeter back and forth about a Pandora or one of the above mentioned UMPCs.
Nice review john.

I've bought myself a Xperia Play recently off eBay, I'm really happy with my purchase. The inbuilt free HD games are of great quality, I'm having fun playing star batallion, bruce lee and asphalt 6 HD. SNES (snes9x) and PS1 emulation is really quite good, especially with the work yifanlu has done on the stock PS1 emulator. Controls are average, good enough for a 1 h gaming session.

I love having telephony, email, music, social networks, web browsing, cameras and gaming controls in the one handheld device.
Thanks guys!

I own a Q1 (original) and sony UX(P) both from aproximately 2005, but the specs don't seem to have made any leaps and bounds since then.... I wasn't really that impressed, and especially for the price I paid I was expecting a ton more.
I owne Both now: A Pandora and a Xperia Play, the Xperia Play is for every Day now, because it fits in a Blue Jeans to, Until i had the Xperia, i caryd the Pandora every Day in Baggy Pants, to use the Wlan Web etc, and play some Games in the break, but because i wantet to by a new Cellphone, i bought the Xperia a week ago, n64 works good, just like gba snes gb gbc nes megadrive/genesis, only concers Bad Fur Day dosnt run on the phone..., so to play its a great phone, but as the pandora is a full linux pc, you cant compare both, the Pandora is the mashine i want to finish final fantasy vii on it, but the play is now my phone :)
I just wanted to say that the SAMSUNG Q1 Ultra Premium is awesome (copied and pasted from the other thread). :)

For gaming controls, you can't go wrong with the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium.

Below is a N64 control scheme/configuration guide that I quickly made using MS Paint.

Specifications (base version)

Manufacturer: Samsung

Model name: Q1 Ultra Premium

CPU type: Intel Core Solo U1500

CPU speed: 1.33 Ghz

Graphics: Intel GMA 950

OS: Windows 7

Display Size: 7" 1024 X 600

Screen Type: LED-Backlit LCD

Touch Technology: Resistive (soft/finger) Single-touch

RAM: 1GB (2GB Max upgradeable)

Hard Disk: 80GB

Keyboard: YES

Mouse Pointer: YES

Battery capacity: 56 (Wh)

Battery life: 7 hours on low settings (Extended battery)

Weight: 800gm / 28.2 oz

Size (w/h/d mm): 228/124/24 mm - Size (w/h/d inches): 9/4.9/0.9

Physical Interfaces: Headset i/f (Mic+Line)

SD card slot: YES (32GB Max compatibility)

USB 2.0: YES x 2


Ethernet 10/100: YES

Wireless Interfaces 802.11b/g: YES

Bluetooth 2.0: YES

No Wireless WAN (e.g. 3G cellular)

Additional Specs and Accessories (can vary)

WebCam: YES

Stereo speakers: YES

Optional Specs and Accessories = GPS Navigation Kit
Their sales have been terrible so they will have a lot of stock to shift, I saw these being sold at half price with no contract a few days ago in a discount phone shop, they were still about £230!
got my exemplar from the amazon marketplace for 310 €, for me who never has a smartphone (only a mp3 player whit touchscreen (creative zen xfi 2) is it a nice piece of hardware, multitouch, a lot of android apps, inklusiv some emus for a gaming cellphone not bad, but my old cellphone (w850i) had more batterytime,

This phone became a serios competitor for the icontrolpad, because the peaple whit this phone dont need a icontrolpad, im sorry..

My Ordernumber is 3264, but this dosnt make sens because i have my Pandora allready and i dont want to give it up because i like the Pandora, but the Play is a bit more Handy for every Day because you dont need pants whit big baggys,

(But dont forgot to wear pants, because this is violent in some countrys :p )