Xperia Play?


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Aug 20, 2013
I've been watching videos on what it can emulate, and I'm pretty interested in getting one. I was either going to get this or a psp go, but this one seems easier to get apps and whatnot, but also has the android marketplace. I was wondering, does this get full speed on the n64 emulators yet? I was mainly interested in playing OoT...
not full speed, but decent speed in N64 with mupen64plus ae or m64 (speed tweaks to the aforementioned). N64oid ( is faster, mostly full speed, but doesn't support the optical analog sticks unless you use a custom rom based of sony's official ICS beta (unfinished/hacky) IMHO it's still better than the pandora's N64 emulation levels. OoT is one of those "mario 64" types of games that aren't extremely demanding and that specific game runs mostly full speed on any of the noted emulators.

If you spend some time researching / tweaking the device you can get about 1.4ghz with an overclock and learn to flash custom roms and it's a quite fun learning process. It was the first device I really learned the guts of android on and made my own personal custom rom (abandoned project though). If you are getting the xperia play for ease of use you may not want to get into all that, but there's a similar kind of hacking scene on that device as well with active development over at XDA Developers.
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Not that this post is totally relevant but,, I owned the  first Xperia Playstation  Cell Phone model [the slide out] that came out.This was the first cell phone with an actual gamepad. Sorry forgot the Number of the unit.I think the first one came out 3 years ago. It was the one with the terribly unresponsive touch pads. My main reasons for buying it was  1. I needed a phone and 2. I thought the phone would support a plethora of Playstation games ,,especially PS1. Actually Sony Ercisson had promised such. If my memory serves me correctly I think it included one PS1 game which was Crash Bandicoot. ..just a tease in retrospect.

At the time there really was no real good portable emulator out there for PS1 games. The Pandora was just starting to come into it's own with the PSCX Rearmed emulator. So the prospect of having this supposed Sony exclusive phone was real exciting. The concept was mind boggling and the screen was real sharp. However for whatever reasons [maybe PSP/PS VITA conflict] Sony Ericsson never supported any PS1 software for it. I did not buy it at the time to emulate others genres. Also the touch pad never improved even with updates. It really was terrible.

I was real pissy about the whole thing and wound up selling it on good ol ebay for a fraction of what I had paid. Then I mentally labeled the thing as a piece of dunk. 

I guess something went haywire because to my knowledge Sony just wiped out the Ericsson and they no longer exist.

So whenever I read or hear about Xperia play phones I get bad memories.

I suppose things are much better now?

Rant over.
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Wow. Lol I have no idea what to go with, because I liked the Xperia play due to its awesome sliding technique and controller. I can't stand having to use touchscreen 24/7 . . . But I would like a phone that can emulate n64 perfectly...