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Hi all,

I have just uploaded the very first version of Amiga CLI Tools to the Repo :)
Amiga CLI Tools is a collection of...Amiga CLI Tools for the Pandora :)

Grab it here while it's hot !

New in build #1

- only one application so far: fragglet's lhasa (v0.3.1 by Simon Howard, git from July 14th)
Free Software LHA implementation
Lhasa is a Free Software replacement for the Unix LHA tool, for decompressing .lzh (LHA / LHarc) and .lzs (LArc) archives. The backend for the tool is a library, so that it can be reused for other purposes.

Lhasa aims to be compatible with as many types of lzh/lzs archives as possible. It also aims to generate the same output as the (non-free) Unix LHA tool, so that it will act as a drop-in free replacement.

- type "lha" for help
- built with @ptitSeb 's latest Code::Blocks
- icon.png inspired by @urjaman 's Mosh and @EvilDragon 's UAE4ALL
- run scripts inspired again by @urjaman 's Mosh


- add some more applications (unadf, xdms, etc...) (partially fixed in build #2)
EDIT: I'm open to suggestions ;)
- Possible new applications: amiga-fdisk, PowerPacker-decrunch
- add some previews ?
- PXML.xml could use some more work (website URLs are missing, so are licenses details, manuals and source code URLs...) (partially fixed in build #3)
- add source codes to the PND (fixed in build #3)
- compress the source codes to make the package lighter (fixed in build #4)
- fix missing licenses details
- write a web page with links to the manuals
- Worker: add some addons and ExtFS ?
- Worker: give the application its own shortcut and icon ?
- check ppunpack license

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Hi all,

I have updated Amiga CLI Tools on the Repo :)

New in build #2

- added lclevy's ADFlib (git from August 4th, 2015)
The ADFlib is a free, portable and open implementation of the Amiga filesystem.
- type "unadf" for help
- added Heikki Orsila's x DMS v1.3.3 (git from December 5th, 2008)
x DMS is a tool for decompressing Amiga DMS files. DMS files contain disk images that are these days mainly useful for Amiga emulation.
- type "xdms" for help
- tweaked the runscripts

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Ah, thought someone had ported the Amiga's C dir to Linux for a moment - would be lovely to have cd, dir, assign, mkdir etc in linux.
Hi @ZXDunny :)
Ah, thought someone had ported the Amiga's C dir to Linux for a moment - would be lovely to have cd, dir, assign, mkdir etc in linux.
From ADFlib github repository:
The ADFlib is a free, portable and open implementation of the Amiga filesystem.

It supports :
- floppy dumps
- multiple partitions harddisk dumps
- UAE hardfiles
- WinNT devices with the 'native driver' written by Dan Sutherland
- mount/unmount/create a device (real one or a dump file),
- mount/unmount/create a volume (partition),
- create/open/close/delete/rename/undel a file,
- read/write bytes from/to a file,
- create/delete/rename/move/undel a directory,
- get directory contents, change current directory, get parent directory
- use dir cache to get directory contents.

It is written in portable C, and support the WinNT platform to access
real drives.

EDIT: I could also try to port AmigaShell to the Pandora :) EDIT: not going to happen, doesn't work with X terminal emulators, only with Virtual Console...

Cheers, Magic Sam
[doublepost=1472557378,1472545958][/doublepost]Hi again,

As I said in the first post, PXML.xml could use some more work...

That package being a collection of applications, do you guys know how to specify multiple website URLs, licenses details, manuals and source code URLs inside one PXML.xml file ?

According to the wiki, licenses details and source code URLs should not be a problem:
<license name="GPLv2+" url="" sourcecodeurl=""/>
<license name="other"/>

But what about website URLs and manuals ? Is it only possible ?
Per application only up to one of those entries is allowed. If you need more, the best approach is to create an html file and link the other files.

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Well, it's not "Assign" is it? That's why. The Amiga's CLI (and Shell) was absolutely gorgeous to use. Apart from the #? wildcard. That was odd. Its concept of how drives (and devices) were handled was just so much better than Linux too.
Hi all,

I tried all three tools yesterday (lha, unadf, xdms), and they were all working great :)

What about adding amiga-fdisk and Worker (Directory Opus clone) to this package ? EDIT: Worker has already been ported to the Pandora by commander-beef (Streak ? ), but it was four years ago.

EDIT: compiled AVFS from git commit bd05dc (August 23rd, 2016)
EDIT: compiling Worker from git commit 257da2 (April 24th, 2016) --> failed with iconv errors :(
EDIT: Worker 3.8.3 seems to be working better
EDIT: compiled libmagic 5.27

EDIT: some other suggestions here and here. EDIT: APCComm added in build #4
EDIT: ppunpack from Aminet compiles correctly

Cheers, Magic Sam
[doublepost=1472753466,1472731014][/doublepost]Hi again,

Build #4 is on the repo !

New in build #4

- added Ralf Hoffmann's APCComm 2.4.0 (2014-02-02)
APCComm is a program for transferring files between an Amiga and a PC running GNU/Linux using a parallel cable[...]
- type "apccomm -h" for help
- compressed all the source codes

EDIT: how many "license" entries can one put in PXML.xml ? There are four in that file, but only three entries are showing up on the Repo... Is this a bug ?
<license name="ISC License" url="
upport-policy/isc-license/" sourcecodeurl="
<license name="GPLv2" url="
-2.0.html" sourcecodeurl=""
<license name="Public Domain" url="" sourcecodeurl="
<license name="GPLv2" url="
-2.0.html" sourcecodeurl="

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Hi all :)

Build #5 is on the Repo !
Changelog :

New in build #5

- added Marc Espie and Nico Francois' PowerPacker Decruncher v1.0
This is a small portable powerpacker decruncher written in C, for people who want to unpack powerpacker files on Unix machines and others.
- type "ppunpack" for help
- added Ralf Hoffmann's Worker v3.8.3, built with AVFS (git from August 23rd, 2016) and libmagic 5.27 (thanks @ptitSeb and @canseco for your help ! )
Worker is a two-pane file manager for the X Window System on UN*X.
- type "worker" to start the application
- added all new source codes to the PND


Cheers, Magic Sam
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