Ambient Light Sensor? They Are Used In Laptops, Pdas...

I really don't like sensors that do things on their own. I like to have control of the brightness myself so I can set it how I want it .
An ambient light sensor sounds unnecessary/excessive. It's usually very easy to adjust the brightness of a screen manually, and the truth is, I'd rather adjust brightness myself than have a sensor determining such a thing.

I don't mean to come off as unfriendly by shooting down your idea (ideas are encouraged here!), but most Pandora users probably wouldn't need such a feature.
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What do you mean it's not my text? Of course it isn't. MWeston said those words, and they apply to quite a few of your topics. See the original post for even more detail.

Basically, it isn't worth it. Any more features, and they will have to raise the price. When the price goes up, sales go down, because the price is already maxed out in terms of what people will pay.
Lol he had me confused as well.

Oh and keep on topic ;)

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Generally, before a big (round number) release, large software projects will announce a "feature freeze". The point is to stop adding new, potentially buggy code and give everybody a chance to work on the already existing bugs for the big release.

I think Pandora has already reached the feature freeze point, at least for the first DIY 100 run. The problem is that nobody ever called it. You still have people trying to shoehorn in more stuff when all we should really be concerned with is seeing a few working prototypes. Once the bugs are ironed out of the hardware and software for the important bits, then you can maybe think about what might be added for the final production run.
Gays? This is the wrong forum section for that. I think FPGA devices aren't designed for low powered systems, it could be interesting for accurate emulation of some kind but that's not viable right now.

No more offtopic, please.
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Dutch_Cap said:
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I personally only need one brightness setting:


Because that's the setting I always look for, and pretty much always use. If my retinas aren't being damaged, then it's not bright enough for me. I'm the same way with food too. Don't give me "spicy." I want burn-holes-in-my-throat HOT AND SPICY.

So if any sensor chip thinks it's gonna tell me how bright my screen should be, or how hot my food should taste... Then me and that smartass sensor chip need to rent a gym and get the gloves on.

Cuz Prophet don't play dat.