Advice configuring PPSSPP on a JDXS5110b (or similar)


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Jan 8, 2010

So basically I got this handheld some years ago thinking that I wouldn't be able to fix my pandora. But after getting it someone answered in the forum explaining that my problem was the LCD coil. Then I stored the JDX since i liked pandora much more, I just wanted something cheap to play emulators until I could get a proper replacement (things like GPD weren't even in the radar back then).

That's the story, now my pandora is definitely unusable and I want to use this one until pyra ships, at least to play emulators on my trip to work.

It's a dual core cortex A9, so on paper it seems better than pandora but in fact (I guess android takes its toll here) it doesn't seem so. I was actually playing threads in the sky on the pandora and performance is a bit worse in the JDX, therefore I wanted to ask here if anyone with a similar device has some advice on hot to improve the performance for this emulator.