Un-boxing the box. Case of the outer casing.

There may be people who want to carry their Pyra around during military desert operations
These people would probably be fine with it in a standard configuration if it is fairly durable and can withstand normal use.  A plastic bag will keep dust and fluids away, however the silicone port protector thingy being discussed in another thread would also help, or one of those rubbery sheets that are sometimes used on keyboards.

More than likely a Pyra would be most useful in a vehicle or while not moving on foot.  For transporting it between locations your best bet is going to be something larger like the hard cases I use since they provide space for the charger and anything else you might need.  I suppose the cases comradekingu likes might work for those on foot, but a better option would be something that provides protection while in use for the very reason you mentioned.  If this is needed then a full redesign of a Pyra-like device would probably be funded with very deep pockets.

Just a simple generic brown or white cardboard box (no printing on it) is good enough for me.
This solves the problem for me, maybe.  I won't feel so obligated to keep the "special" box.