2D Nature TileSet


Sep 4, 2008
West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Long story short:

I took some free graphics here: Hard Vacuum Tile Set

Then I re-factored them towards terrain and ridges tiles and cleaned them up for use in Tiled

I feel like sharing so I made myself a Google code project.



See the download page for a zip-file.

Download Tiled 0.5.0 and use "map -> add external tile-set"

have fun and feel free to use this for your Pandora RPG/RTS prototypes :)

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Those are really good. I bet they'd look great in a RPG/RTS type of game :D

You won't get into trouble about using the original ones will you Yannick?

EDIT: there are alot more goodies in the original set, but i felt happy with some nature screenshots to continue my own coding B)

the License is explained in the readme file in the zip, but it's basically CC-BY 3.0

So free to do what you want, but you must mention the original creator without implying his endorsement.

I am currently looking at riping a part out of Tiled in a lib, so i can load Tiled files in my own QT apps
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Anyone made a good looking map yet?

I made Demo1 in 5 minutes after i realized i botched my good looking map :unsure:

But it only demonstrates half the tiles available
I think I'll be able to use these... I'll give'em a shot, thanks!
Small update:

I was doing a maploader based on code ripped out of Tiled (what was intended to become libTiled). It was supposed to run on my nokia touch phone (didn't have my pandora yet) but performance was really bad (130€ phones are crapp for gaming).

Project got delayed then scrapped.

In the mean time:

  • I got a new job, there we took libPluginSystem from Qt Creator (LGPL) to build our own mega app with plugin support.
  • None of Qt Creators plugins were reusable (but some classes were) so we have at least one plugin that has to be released as LGPL
  • Some more plugins have nothing to do with our Core IP => Testing related stuff
  • Tiled 0.6 was released recently with libTiled as BSD licensed code

What does this all mean:

I am dreaming of a game based on Red Alert 1's tanya missions (these graphics as base + libTiled). With ridiculously good mapeditor tools (Plugin loader stuff from @ work).

Game = basically a map/mission-loader

This is all still in the "grand design phase"

anyhow, have fun with these graphics. There's lots more in the original tileset but i had enough with these, should you *port* some more to my file layout please share. :)
I was reading the article and was about to say, "whoa those units and buildings are VERY similliar to the Tyrian aesthetic", and by the end of the article, turns out the author is the artist behind Tyrian. Guess I have to complement him on a recognizable style! But perhaps it's also visible because that the graphics are from the same era.