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    S.e.l.f. - Start The Apocalypse!

    yes, I had the same thought :) but the game is not limited to that map, so with wise design, it may work (it has to work on 320x480 Android resolution anyway)
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    S.e.l.f. - Start The Apocalypse!

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a project called S.E.L.F., what is a kind of RTS game. A very basic version already exists for PC, and when it's finished, I will port it to the GPH consoles (at first to Caanoo, WIZ release may come later). See this web page, a Windows/Linux version is already...
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    Bad News

    the official support is dropped, but the community is still very strong, and the device itself is definitely good, so i'd say it's still a best buy for homebrew/emulation softwares (and i'm saying it as a Caanoo AND PSP owner)
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    Bad News

    yeah, and what's really bad is that the device itself is a good one, playing on it is much more convenient than my PSP
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    Bad News

    it's sad :( but not a really big surprise
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    use a better network connection :P I use Skype frequently for calling phones when i'm in foreign lands, and I very rarely have problems (in fact, I experienced it only once, but I guess it was because the hotel's network was overloaded because of the f*cking torrent downloads)
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    i've never seen ekiga from close, I only know the Skype API a little (and I can tell you, it's horrible :D) to be honest i don't consider this a high priority feature. if you have wifi, you usually can use a computer for voip. of course it could be useful at fast food restaurants, etc. I...
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    when Skype announced it may be opened for developers, I filled the request form, it would be amazing to port Skype to Caanoo, but I have no answer so far :(
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    How To Flip The Disk In Vice (C64)?

    since C64 disks were one-sided, 'flipping' would make no sense but as double side disks started to spread, C64 users used both sides by flipping therefore the two sides of the disk behave as two different disks
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    What Are You Playing On Your Caanoo?

    i think rRootage is ported to WIZ, and if it is, you can try running it via Ginge on Caanoo
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    definitely YES :)
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    C64 Emulator

    Is anyone working on it?
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    Max Size Sd Card For Wiz?

    I use a 16GB Kingston class 4, works perfectly I doubt class 6 would make any difference in speed...
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    New Pack Wallpaper And Menus Bars

    wow, very nice, thank you!
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    Game Order

    i guess it's alphabetical, but case sensitive
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    Compatable Wireless Dongles

    look for Ralink chipsets, they should work (I have a noname stick with Ralink, works perfectly out of the box)
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    Fungp Appstore

    how do you mean 'I can't get the downloader to work'? it that means the download bar stays at 0%, than you only have to be patient :)
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    Buying Rhythmos

    theoretically the 10_18 version has 18+ contents (only for adults) but to be honest, i've bought that version, and found nothing that would be really 18+ :)
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    Buying A Caanoo But I Have A Question!

    hacked? there's a flash player on the caanoo when you unbox it (it's not shown in the menu, but you can download a small script/ini files to do so). Although I don't know which flash version is supported and how good the quality is.