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    Spoke To The Factory

    Just saw that the cases are finished and I ... in my pants.
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    Here Is What Will Be Happening.

    I don't even have a pre-order and would gladly be part of the 500. Hopefully there's no problem filling the spaces, but I'd be glad to help out if there is. I also think this is a good move by Craigix & Co to allow those of us who don't demand perfection to finally get our hands on a Pandora...
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    The Second Batch Info Thread

    I wonder what the possibility is that the OpenPandora team is running low on funds?
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    Release Assembled Pandora Video

    HELLZ YEAH!!!!!! For those of us that have been with this since it was a forum topic (the Craiginator days and so on...) - this feels so awesome. I think this will help a lot of the re-orders finally go through. I know I've been holding back (sorry to the die-hards) - but I think I'll send in...
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    Win 2k?

    As this has turned into a "Windows vs Linux" debate... I'll throw my two cents in, as I love Linux, but have yet to completely migrate over because there are still a few things that Windows does better. The main thing for me that Windows does better is Music Production. Show me a program on...
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    Mame Running On Pandora. Video(s) Inside.

    Gradius - with all of your Options and enemy ships all around. That really slowed down the GP2X MAME - but was still the only game I really played on MAME.
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    A Request For Know-it-all's Who Shoot Down Posts They Don't Li

    If I'm the only person that feels this way, so be it, but I am sick and tired of those who feel it is their right or duty to go around belittling and criticizing others' ideas. They go around reading posts, and shoot down the ones they dislike for whatever reason, often insulting the...
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    Pandora Tablet Mod

    Modder's itch? If you had the modder's itch you would have some polishing compound or jewelers paper and you could "glossy" the damn thing yourself. The same applies to the "foldback" screen. I don't know if anyone would get sued, I guess just try it and find out. I don't think that you can...
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    Pre-ordering concerns

    I think I'll start getting pissed if they delay the release date after we've preordered. That's when I'll get pissed. Otherwise, it will be piss-free for me.
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    Pre-ordering concerns

    I've kept up on this pretty regularly, and I don't see what you're saying with getting the rug pulled out over and over. As far as release/preorder dates go, I don't remember them ever setting one like this and then going back on it. Before, it has always been time tentative time periods (i.e...
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    Any Boot Animation Details?

    It might be neat if when the eyes open - you zoom into one eye until it fills the screen and becomes a pandora logo, with the cool rotating box next to it that banjeed has for his icon. (Props on the cool icon, by the way banjeed B) ) I also think it might be cool to slow down the opening of...
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    Pandora Hd Enclosure Add-on

    All I know is I have somewhere in between 300 and 400 - it's been a while since I counted - and it will be 400 or more within the next year or two. And there is no such thing as an 80 gig SD card... hence, still a need for a hard drive. I knew when I posted this thread that people would just...
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    Pandora Hd Enclosure Add-on

    Awesome idea - I'm going to check this out - Thanks for the idea. Awesome - I'm more excited than before now that you tell me that. I am also into music production. It would be great to have a portable multi-track recorder as well - possibly with some soft-synths as well. It seems like with...
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    Pandora Hd Enclosure Add-on

    What is out there with comparable size and better sound quality?
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    Pandora Hd Enclosure Add-on

    Part of the reason I plan on buying the pandora is the possibility to carry around my entire music collection in lossless flac format, via connecting a usb hard drive. How hard would it be to design a 2.5" enclosure to add on to the pandora - with some sort of snap-on or slide in plastic form...
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    The Gp2x Is Dead!

    I am totally in agreement on this as well. I like my GP2X - if it had an Lithium Ion rechargeable in there, a good d-pad, better usb connectivity (change that stupid external/cell-phone charger-shaped port on the bottom to a standard usb), and better tv-out, I probably wouldn't buy a pandora...
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    Gp2x Stock And Delivery Times.

    This sounds like you might know the reasons why, otherwise you would have said, "Next week we might hear the reasons why." So, if you know, why don't you just tell us? :huh: