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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    N-nn-nothing. I'm sorry if that was way uncalled for. *blushes profusely and backs off*
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    For some reason I can't help but read that as erotic as hell. Wow. Um. Rad. <3 Hi.
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    Wait, does that mean you hate me now Mummy? :sadface: 
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive A pentacle backed by the tree of life :3
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    Haha! Nope! I actually know exactly who that is, and they aren't me. :P
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    Hey! Not sure if any of you remember me, and most of you that will see this are newer here. My name is Shay, *shock* if not. I used to go by Levi and haven't really used the Pandoras' I have much lately. I've always had you guys in the back of my mind though and its good to see the Pandora crew...
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    USB Host - Failing

    I have issues with my 1ghz's USB port I haven't been able to fix yet. See: I'll have to send mine in for that at some point, not too sure about yours though.. =/
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    Screen turning pink - What to do ?

    add me to the 1 ghz damaged cable list, then. =/
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    USB NIC on 1Ghz Unit

    Okay thats fine, and thank you! However I have JUST now discovered a problem with my 1Ghz unit today. If I move the screen in a closing motion the backlight cuts out, and also cuts out when open at a certain angle or less. Seems to adjust fine using FN combo but when moving the lid the light...
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    USB NIC on 1Ghz Unit

    Sweet! Will be waiting till this Thursday to purchase the 1ghz new unit, once that has arrived here I will return the previous one ( no battery, saves on weight and isn't needed since I have three already. I'll make sure to mention I just need the unit itself, battery door, stylus, but no...
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    USB NIC on 1Ghz Unit

    Seeing this thread: http://boards.openpa...01/#entry189142 Would you still be willing to accept back my current 1Ghz unit if I were to return it? ( Without the battery ) If you can spare another 1Ghz unit straight away? I've held off on returning my unit with the USB issue above for reasons of...
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    Does anyone actually use Bluetooth with their phones?

    Nicest, most clear concise and sensible bot I've ever seen. I use bluetooth on my cellphone as a preferred method of talking. I can't use most mono earpieces as they fall out or don't fit comfortably. Have found these...
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    Black Mesa Source (finally!) launching this month

    Been seeding that torrent since I got my hands on it. =) Great game to play. Loving it so far, though it has plenty of jumping moments that should never exist. Who decided "Crouch Jumping" to be a good idea?? Edit: Ratio is 5.793 currently.
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    [Mostly SOLVED] - Installation of XMMS and Bluetooth settings?

    @Wally: Nah. Using headphones has been the only issue I'm aware of. I thought there was a config utility for PS3/Wiimotes and such as a PND in the repo. You shouldn't have to play with alsa ( the sound driver ) for using a gamepad =P
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    RDP on Pandora

    Rdesktop also works fine ( if not installed to NAND, install it. ) I often pipe over SSH to encrypt my connection over putty.. Or the PND works too. Whatever you prefer
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    Great Success!

    Congratz on the self repair PokeParadox! Its good to see your Pandora alive and breathing healthily in its new case. =)
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    Pandora Audio Problem

    My original unit does this where both channels will cut out and burst with static when adjusted. Have tried contact cleaner to no avail. However in my case the unit also has an issue with the volume wheel being forced against the case. It clicks against the lower half. I assume this has ruined...
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    Pandora Audio Problem

    If they are made by apple ( w/ built in mic ) or have apple's compatible pin wiring for a built in mic in the headset itself, they are incorrectly wired to work with the pandora as well as many android smartphones. You'll need another pair unfortunately. If they are just a headset made by apple...
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    Forum Feedback

    When using the quick reply feature on forum posts you can't hit tab to go the the Post button, when hitting tab from there it goes to the search option right at the top of the page. When you simply view a thread and hit tab, it goes to the Post button. Totally frustrating and assbackwards...
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    [Mostly SOLVED] - Installation of XMMS and Bluetooth settings?

    While the application is running it won't refresh .asoundrc until you close / reopen it.