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    The Pyrabook

    I remember once, ED did an April fools for the Pandora and it ended up happening.  So be careful of this crafty fellow. The real joke will be in 6 months time when Oculus integration is announced.
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    I vote we call the P2 'The Dragon' - The OpenPandora: Dragon!

    Haha yeah.  Maybe ED would try to call it OPX2, but get forced to rename it by Planisware. 
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    I vote we call the P2 'The Dragon' - The OpenPandora: Dragon!

    Well, Craig would hype a Pandora2 console for months and never come out with anything, while ED could release one called OP2X.
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    SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4)

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    SONY PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

    I'm the opposite. I spend a huge chunk of my gaming time playing my Vita. There are just so many good games. Most Wanted is great, Dokuro is a neat puzzle platformed AssCreed is fun, but I'm putting it aside until the work out the bugs. Zero Escape is an incredible story. Retro City...
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    Anyone interested in Puzzle Quest going Open-Source? If so, show some love here to Steve Fawkner, the original developer for many of my loved games. Warlords, Warlords battlecry and puzzlequest. At the moment, the post is 2 weeks old with no replies.
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    ZTE - The Xperia Play Killer

    Yep, ZTE just used their once-only deception marketing technique. It won't work again and customers (the dozen odd of us who were following like mad dogs) will not go near a ZTE product again.
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    SONY PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

    I'm a Vita user. Loads of fun. But I'm spending most of the time catching up on PSP games. Really bloody good job on the PSP emulator when you consider the hardware needing to be emulated. If anyone wants to add me, my psn is icurafuse. My top 3 games would be Gravity Rush, Mutant blob...
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    Razor switchblade portable 7'' pocket laptop

    When you claimed that the Macbook air 11" (Intel integrated graphics) was a gaming laptop; a little part of me died inside.
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    SONY PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

    PSVista has a concept launch advert for media outlets to play after the launch of the brand. They were awful, terrible, horrid ads. The imagination of a world where people in the real-world would hookup with other similar gamers nearby, taking social gaming a whole new way. Anyway, I didn't...
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    Wiz For $50
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    This Is Just Sad.

    Yeah, tis sad. I remember reading the forums when I was back in university and drooling over the GP32 but not being able to afford it. I remember later when I was a developer, producing half finished games for the community, but I eventually gave up on that when the industry changed, and I...
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    Generic Pandora Case?

    Heck, I'm not even a developer anymore. I had a few drinks with some gen y developers about a week ago and could hardly keep up. It's very focused on web these days, while when I was in uni, web development was a short course on php. Anyway, that's how it is with developers. Stop studying...
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    Generic Pandora Case?

    Wow, it's really quiet here these days. I go for a year and look what happens. :S I guess everyone is at
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    Generic Pandora Case?
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    Gemei A330

    TC890x is a great chipset. But this is confusing. This is a CC board, which make boards for MP4 players that flood the chinese market. Very differnt from Telechips that do all kinds of things. The TC8900x is split into three types. One for MIDs (with the 3d processor Mali100 I think.) and...
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    Yeti3d Engine

    I can remember a few years back an effort to find the dev in order to pay for a GP2X license. I would had put a few bucks into that at the time, but that would have conflicted with the license and the dev kinda disappeared from the face of the earth. Hey buzzphp. If you are the dev, congrats...
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    Htc Desire Vs Galaxy S: Quake Ii (Video)

    It looks like the desire is using the software driver. What's even the point of this?
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    Development Bounties Check out topfs2's blog. He is porting XBMC to the beagleboard which is the same hardware as the Pandora. You could donate to him to include a Pandora branch.
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    Your Hometown

    I came for a country town in Australia called Ballendella. It's the name of an Aboriginal girl who went missing there and never found. Normally, you can't say the name of someone who dies in the local Aboriginal traditions, but because she was never found and therefore never proved dead, I...