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    Should I Get A Gp2x?

    ive had my GP32 for some time and i have been following the development of the GP2X scene... i would like some opinions on why i should get a GP2X. im having a hard time convincing myself to get one becuase: GP2X has less battery life than the GP32. GP2X emulates only on par with GP32 (for...
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    Can't Emulate? Lets Clone!

    theoretically its possible, but i doubt anyone here has the ability and time to do it.
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    A Worthy Winner?

    its like posting but without the effort greeny-yellow btw
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    The Forums Are Missing Something

    I dont have a gp2x.. yet ;) but i noticed something was missing from the forums! a gp2x icon :P its kind of dark so here is a lighter version: you can see it better but it looks kinda grey i hope this will be sitting next to the gp32 icon soon :D and when the xgp comes out the whole...
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    Replacement Interface

    there seems to be some confusion as to what the interface will do... some people want it to launch games, play movies etc... i'd just like to jump in and say that it would be best if the new interface only launches applications. no file manager. no movie player. no image viewer. no system...
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    very nice port a600 :D but i cant get episode 2 or 3 to work :( episode 1 works fine but when i try to change it my gp32 restarts
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    Tiger Emulator?

    looks arent everything you know. i actually own one, and i can tell you that none of the 20 games made for it are worth coding an emulator for.
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    Polaroid 80gb Pmp another new handheld :) obviously borrowing some style from the PSP. Polaroid is a big company, so we might be seeing this in the states. edit: oops didnt see the other topic. probably cause i just skip over things with such bad...
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    What Os Do You Use?

    Windows XP ive got linux ( knoppix ) on my second partition but i never use it ever. one day im gonna format it and get my 10gb back...
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    Clicks For Devs - November

    i went to see what the ads were and found this: its a gp32, is it not? :P
  11. D Contest

    something simple, i might expand on it more later...
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    Best Videogame Soundtracks

    hmmm... Megaman X any Jazz Jackrabbit game Blaster Master Gradius 3 i cant really remember what most game soundtracks even sounded like :P
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    No Mmf Runtime For Gp32 :(

    maybe if the GP2X is a really big hit they will make an exporter for it :)
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    Midi Applications?

    Sorry, I dont think there are any GP32 apps that can send or recieve MIDI data. In fact, there are very few apps that can use the extension port at all :(
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    Mmf For Gp32

    I wonder if they'll add support for gp32 or gpx2 first... if they do it at all..
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    Brand Spanking New Interview With Ryleh

    :ph34r: i am not sure if i should laugh or feel offended :blink:
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    Gah! Goddamned Keyboard!

    Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages -> Details... a bit different from 2k :P
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    Another Gpx2 Naming Thread

    arg i hope they choose a good name because... theres a lot of bad names on there. before submitting your name, please try to think about how it would sound in a sentence. examples: "What, this? This isn't a GBA, it's a MOSES." "I just bought a Gypsy off of Lik-sang and I can't wait!"...
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    Gpx2 Name Suggestion: Gp2

    Just take names from existing game systems for inspiration, like the Game Boy or Play Station. "Play Boy" I'd buy that.
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    Problems With <!--#include Virtual="

    possibly the compiler cant handle http paths? try using relative paths