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  1. neogramps

    [sold] First Batch Pandora for sale

    Yeah that should do - my email is just my username here - give me a shout and we can sort out the details.
  2. neogramps

    [sold] First Batch Pandora for sale

    Shipping to USA would be £25-30 according to the 2 sites I checked - if you're definitely interested, let me know.
  3. neogramps

    [sold] First Batch Pandora for sale

    I've decided to sell my first batch Pandora (serial# 627), since I just don't use it enough, and with Christmas and a wedding coming up, I could use the money. It's in good condition, having only been used for 30-40 hours or so since I got it. The only sign of wear is the paint on the d-pad...
  4. neogramps

    Used Pandora For Sale (Uk)

  5. neogramps

    Gbax store gone?

    What happened to the Gbax store? The domain name appears to have expired, but is still linked to from the main pandora homepage? On the icontrolpad page there is no navigation to the other stuff which craig sells (i.e. you can buy pandora on the icontrolpad site, but only if you use the direct...
  6. neogramps

    Used Pandora For Sale (Uk)

    Withdrawing from sale - please lock thread
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    My Open Pandora On Ebay

    I'm considering selling my Pandora - it's a first batch unit, received in June. The unit works great, has slight wear on paint of the dpad, and has a small gap at the bottom of the LCD/case as most first unit did. Was wondering if there's any interest in an early unit (if so will post on ebay...
  8. neogramps

    75% Off Quake At Steam

    Man, i'm glad i bought the whole pack last christmas - £18 for all doom (inc 3+expansion), and all quake etc - total bargain
  9. neogramps

    China To Close 2,000 Factories In Energy Crackdown

    Doesn't sound like small scale plastics moulding companies are within the scope - i call trollbait/fearmongering. Lock thread and let it die
  10. neogramps

    Beta Snes9X4D4P - Another New Build, Now With Hi Res And New Rom Picker

    Stubnt race fx is still bugged, it is now better than before (just crashed at menu i think); with the most recent build you can get into a race and it renders everything, but the 3d stuff flickers and disappears and reappears and the game just hangs.
  11. neogramps

    Beta Snes9X4D4P - Another New Build, Now With Hi Res And New Rom Picker

    That's made my day - looking forward to the release. Guess i'll have to "make do" with Super Metroid this lunchtime- it's a hard life ;)
  12. neogramps

    [SOLVED]My Pandora Dream Has Come To An End...

    I'm surprised that the police let someone walk off after they turn up with stolen goods, declaring "no idea how that got in my bag guv", if it were an honest mistake - return it to you - if your response to finding something in your bag, which has only been at work, is to try an anonymously...
  13. neogramps

    Beta Mupen64Plus

    Just tried out Ocarina of time Master Quest with the new version, using Notaz's audio plugin, and a frame render of 2 - it loads, and gets into menu, then when selecting a game file it crashes and flashed up an error about a memory error, and a possible invalid setting in a plugin. Tried to...
  14. neogramps

    Problems With Running Pnd In The Os

    Ninja'd, but i'll add - you don't need to sort your pnd's either, they are all internally classified, so put them all in one of the folders below (i.e. pandora/menu) Oh and if you make all they folder changes on your pandora you might need to eject and reinsert the card for stuff to appear in...
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    Anyone know if you can get this to work with a proxy?
  16. neogramps

    Using A Pandora As A Usb Controller

    This should be possible over wifi, if someone were to code it - there is a homebrew app for the DS which turns your DS into a wireless PC controller DS2Key
  17. neogramps

    Think It Would Be Possible To Run World Of Warcraft

    My aspire one plays it ok ish when I'm on the go; never gonna raid on it, but you can quest and such no problems. If only my 3g connection wasn't shite, I'd be playing right now (@work)
  18. neogramps

    Stop Telling Us You've Canceled Your Order

    It's not about censorship or silencing doubters, it's about the fact that each person feels they deserve their own thread to advertise their personal decision, which is unecessary and clogs up the boards. The mods should merge any such posts into one.
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    Because he felt the need to open a new topic and advertise his discontent like we cared.
  20. neogramps

    Beta Mupen64Plus

    Anyone had any level of success with Blast Corps? For me it loads the Rare log, which spins quickly then bombs out