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    Which Is The Best Hand-Held Console For Emulation?

    I'm using a JXD s7800b right now and it does almost everything just right. Good controls, excellent screen and powerful enough to run most PSP games and some Dreamcast games at full speed.   It's cheap too :)
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    A Sign of a dying LCD-Cable?

    My Pandora is having an LCD cable issue too. Different blueish hues than normal. Could usually remedy it by changing the position of the screen, but it now cannot be remedied. Ed, can i just replace the cable myself? If so, it would save you extra work :P
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    Preparing for Germany (2011-08-26)

    I'm looking 6 months ahead max, but in pandora time that equates to 12-15 years.
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    Preparing for Germany (2011-08-26)

    Maybe i'll defeat that steroid freak He-Man once and for all with the help of the upgraded Pandora.
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    Release Maze Of Galious And Roadfigher Remake Port

    Thanks for these. great work! Do you have any plans to release The Goonies and F1 Spirit? These were both brilliant conversions
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    Hires Press Pictures

    Gravedigging is a floggable offence ;)
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    Another new machine...

    He obviously knows that we are onto his little scam now, judging by the lack of any further posts. At first i was convinced it was the RedBaron flying back into our lives :D
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    Pandora won't close down

    Thanks everyone for clearing that up! Good to know that all is as it should be.
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    Pandora won't close down

    Yep, it was plugged into the mains. Didn't realise it would do that. Is there anyway to charge it whilst it's turned off? Ps. thanks meandu229!
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    Pandora won't close down

    Hi all, just received my Pandora and everything is ok apart from being unable to shut down. When i try to do this, it looks as if all is going well and shuts down, but it then begins to restart and goes back to the desktop. I've tried reflashing the firmware but to no avail. Any ideas?
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    ^Would be nice if he would pass the prototype onto another dev who is ready to actually use it.
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    Wizzley Presto And The Mysterious Time Machine

    There isn't. If you go to settings > Nike + > Enable, it should put the app on the springboard, but on my iphone it reboots the springboard. After reboot it always shows as disabled again. Appears to be affecting quite a few. Anyway, i've done a full restore and it's just as was, currently got...
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    Wizzley Presto And The Mysterious Time Machine

    Tried the lot. Reinstalling, rebooting the springboard, full power cycle. It must be app related. Craig has seen the problem on my phone and is looking into it
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    Wizzley Presto And The Mysterious Time Machine

    I'm the only one then with the slowdown problem :( Are there any other Iphone 4 users here?
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    Its Decision Time

    With that faster processor it would be nice to see someone get to grips with it. Once Craig gets the pad out (which feels great to use btw) i'm sure Zod will want to get his hands on all that iCash