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    Word Disassociation

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    What Is The Meaning Of Life?

    What is that supposed to mean. (I'm back)
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    Gpl & Source Code - Constructive Suggestions

    What was the point of all the "give gph a break" posts anyway.
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    Gp2x Does Not See Files On Sd-card

    Maybe the sd card is incompatible with gp2x, ask whoever you bought your gp2x from or update the firmware using a compatible card.
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    Gp2x Does Not See Files On Sd-card

    .Batteries .sd card in right way round .(format)
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    Gp2x Does Not See Files On Sd-card

    .Bateries .sd card in right way round .(format) fat 32
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    User Review On The Gp2x

    Mine doesn't flicker at all with the included batteries or with 1300 mAh energizer nimhs, I think my energizers will probably last up to 4 hours but I would recommend them on availability.
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    Hi everybody, Is their a free driver for 98se that works with gp2x. I know I need some kind of mass storage driver but all I can find is links to subscription based sites and random crap that doesn't help. I would appreciate a point in the right direction, but I could buy a flash card reader as...
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    Direct Answers From Gamepark About Gpl Etc...

    You emailed Anna Hong and got a reply from Kyutae Hwang. How does that work, oh and if you look at the sd wiki it's a bit of a facist format in terms of source rights etc. we gotta get outta here-
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    Orders, Orders Everywhere...

    Maybe he's thinking main customers= gp32 owners and they ordered first so they will know that the offending line has been there since people payed attention to whatever crap I was babbling on about. "Oh wow it's against the law, better get the old colonial hunting hat and shooting stick out...
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    Orders, Orders Everywhere...

    Hi everybody is some of this stressing in orders cancelled etc. to do with me making a big mistake (look for my "sorry" topic) he didn't cancel my order (thank God) so maybe less stressing is in order. What difference does a few days/ weeks make when gp2x is already launched - it just means...
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    A Very Quick Question....

    Maybe you made a mistake, because I no longer update my knoledge on Nintendo games but (if they have not already) I would say they are likely to re-release popular snes games on game boy advance as a follow up to the nes series. If sm doesnt work now it will someday.
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    Who Likes Seabrook Crisps?

    Crisps are called chips in New Zealand as well, but they don't act much like normal americans just like hillbillified brits.
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    How Orders Are Going??

    Even now people are impatient. For an update I got an email basically saying don't stress your gp2x arrives in one or two days maybe. So maybe impatience is no longer a punishable offence
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    To Craigix

    Actually I copied my post and emailed it to him.