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    Opentyrian Gp32 V1.0

    This is awesome slaanesh; thanks for bringing one of my favorite games to my favorite handheld :) This will no doubt hold me over for some time though, but looking forward to your upcoming releases too!
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    Release It's Here!

    Well said Finty- this is looking fantastic and I'm so impressed that it's actually come to fruition. Great work team Pandora, looking well worth the wait.
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    Favorite Version Of Falldown?

    Hmm might have to dust off the SMC to try MacHack's version; ROV's was excellent though, vibrant colors and simple-but-addictive gameplay. I think the only other homebrew title I played as much was Craigix's Drunken Frogger; what a great game
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    wow this is great news! been waiting for an excuse to get a gp2x.. this is way better. esp now that they got rid of that ergonomically cursed second d-pad.
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    F-day, Did It Ever Happen

    rlyeh's emu's were so polished; it's too bad he wasn't able to complete all of his projects
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    Gp32 Help !

    Yes, Iorgy hit the nail on the head; I think your best bet would be an SMC Card Reader. I'm sure you can find some very cheap via our good friend Google. good luck!
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    A Moderation Suggestion

    Whatever. I've been here for years; Sam's nick became Spam Fisher for a reason as he constantly and needlessly posted in every damn thread. then he calmed down a tad, and became a lovable forum joke. I think some of his comments were entertaining and I value his contributions to the community...
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    Opentyrian2x Alpha Released!

    To those who have yet to play Tyrian, I highly recommend giving it a spin; incredibly fun shump with a number of weapons, ships, etc to choose from. <me jealous> wish I could get this going on psp </me jealous> :) thanks to Tobriand for the info and Kalimerou for bringing this great game to...
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    Most Underrated Games Per System

    SNES: Wild Guns Genesis: Rocket Knight Adventures NES: Wario's Woods Gameboy: Kirby's Block Ball
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    While I understand the Craiginator is not necessarily a handheld (sounds more like a fusion of a pocket PC and GP2X), I must agree with Vince2501; I hope this system can do things far better than a psp on the emulation front, since that piece of kit is far cheaper (esp for us Yankees). I am...
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    My First Mame Bartop "cabinet" Complete, Finally

    dude that looks fucking amazing; excellent job dave, you should be proud :)
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    'sleuth Slots' Fruit Machine Sim Released

    holy shit that's pretty! Excellent job as always on the graphics ruckage :D
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    Seems wi-fi will be included... @LHC- I loved the DC dpad o_O
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    An Interview With Guyfawkes

    Nice, lengthy interview! Great job as always Hooka, Guyfawkes sure has done a lot for this community over the years :)
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    woooooooow, just found about about this right now...... very interesting stuff guys :D @ saehn- thanks for maintaining this thread! @ OMars- i don't know about you, but I wanna play games on this thing, and I do that with a joystick and buttons; not a keyboard. I really like the mocks...