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    i think the only positive i can think of is that it looks like good exercise.. edit: scratch that, its the dumbest thing i've ever seen.
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    Boomshine2x Gameplay Video

    it looks great already! it also looks smoother than extender did on my pc, hehe. are you planning to implement the feature where the screen turns a different colour when you've made the requisite explosions? either way, this is great stuff.
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    Gp2x-msx: Msx Emulator For Gp2x V1.0.1

    hahaha this is fantastic. adding a bunch of shiny new emulators to the gp2x's roster, and then going to the trouble of answering seemingly every question?! (and there are a lot of them) good job :D
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    A Better Fw 3.0

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    i used to play mancala quite a lot! it was on this "games of the world" cd i had as a child. i remember it as being really good. is it similar to backgammon?
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    Made The Classic Mistake Of Showing A Dumb Arse My Gp2x

    oh man, i love/hate it when people say stuff like this. XD
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    Working On A Dynarec For Gpsp For The Gp2x

    this is awesome, since i just got back into ttdx. will it support ttdpatch? or are you using the openttdx project?
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    Music In 2006

    o.O 2006 was okay. i have a pretty bad idea of time, so i'm not sure when 2005 ended in terms of what i was listening to.. but i've got into romanticism (rachmaninoff, debussy, ravel, a bit of tchaikovsky maybe?) oh and JS Bach, i also started getting into latin jazz and salsa in a big way...
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    I Ordered A Gp2x And I'm Feeling At A Loss

    yup. i myself have had no problems with them, i've always found them to be helpful and stuff.
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    man, i love(d) TTD so much on the PC, and was so excited to have it on GP2X. although CPS2 might be more widely lauded in the scene?
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    'wind And Water' Progress!

    sounds reasonable :) also, if you release a demo and people have to wait a while, there might be talk of the dreaded vapourware. :lol:
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    Stupid Cat

    i doubt it... it has fur, right? :lol: it would probably just get really really cold..
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    No More 275mhz Units?

    jesus alex, calm down. it's $30 or whatever. i mean seriously. some of you get so riled up in these posts it's just hilarious :lol:
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    Game On Exhibition, Science Museum, London

    last time, i wasn't really into retro games that much, so i skipped most of the machines... >< but i'll go this time. although i did manage to find a SNES running that rare gundam fighting game, which was fun, and River City Ransom..
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    Game On Exhibition, Science Museum, London

    i don't think space invaders is about to start any riots :lol: