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    How do emulators/ports work?

    Here is a simple tutorial .. basically a walkthrough on how to write an emulator :)
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    Popups? What popups? :P Try As well as being open source its able to block popups and image based adverts (text and flash ads still get through..) Makes the web much more pleasant :)
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    Good Idea :) *bookmarks* Perhaps the ability to rate the "Features" for the different emus would be a help ? ie. I prefer snes9x to snesemu cos it supports save states ..
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    looking for turbo grafix 16 game

    heh.. sounds like Neutopia :)
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    16bit conversions of 8bit titles

    Yeah, I had the same problem.. I must've tried atleast 4 different versions of wizball without any luck .. A link to a working version of wizball (c64) would be much appreciated :)
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    Game database success?

    Something has converted every occurance of the "&" symbol to "&" :P Check FOF_035.ST for an example, but searching through the file i found a few more. Hrmm.. perhaps the stgames.txt should be zipped before offering for download ? Other than that it seems to be working great :)
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    doom gama correction?

    From memory (read: could be completely wrong...) one of the selling points for Doom2 was a 'jump' function.. but basically it was just "hold down RUN while moving towards a gap and you'll make it over" ... Im pretty sure there never was a jump key..
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    eBook viewer

    Nice idea :) Im using serence klipfolio (kinda cool cos gp32emu supports it) for that sort of thing, but it only displays the info on my PC. When/if you release your app please post a link, sounds like something Id use :)
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    Upgrading Firmware

    Nope... no real benefit at all.. except faster boot up time and a cool UI. The only reason I flashed was so itd boot into windups on power up. I dont have any commercial games (nor am I particularly interested in any...), so the whole Animation/Game/Freelauncher sequence annoyed me... Like you...
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    HowTo: Adding to the games database

    Okay, I can probably handle "Flame of Finland" disks FOF_001.ST through FOF_054.ST to begin with..
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    Keyboard + misc)

    I like this idea :) One thing I'd add though, would be an "Autoload=TURRICN2.STT" to the last block ... that way it could automatically select the correct control scheme for whichever diskimage you happen to be using ..
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    WMA player

    Does anyone know if that OGG player is still in development? Havent heard anything about it in a while..
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    Craig's Doom port on JoyGP

    Hrmm.. well, as I see it, theres 2 possibilities: A ) You are using different wads, therefore different maps, therefore a lower a framerate B ) With 'smoothness' being subjective, you're just harder to please than I am ... personally i have no problem with the framerate.. I admit though, that...
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    Craig's Doom port on JoyGP

    I consider perfect to be 24 fps.. considering the human eye cant see anything higher 60fps is kinda wastefull.. Are you sure you tried the latest version ? If you're only getting 7 fps, something is probly wrong. Get it from joygp or, the ones linked here and on are old i...
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    Craig's Doom port on JoyGP

    I never tried any previous versions, but in the latest release the framerate seems pretty close to perfect. Only played through the first 3 levels so far though :)