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    Emails to remaining preorders.

    ED, it's too bad refunds aren't handled by you as well. I'm not upgrading, and I don't think it's an unreasonable position to take. For a period of years I would have "settled" for just receiving what I'd paid for, and now that's not even an option. And I suspect that the upgrade has a lot to...
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    Emails to remaining preorders.

    Add one to the sucker count. I probably would have forgotten all about getting screwed over had Craig not had the balls to ask me (again) for more money, 4 years on. Asked for a refund 2 months ago, still nothing. Now I am reading this thread and it seems like my chances of restitution are slim...
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    Getting A Pandora, Is It Possible?

    Probably, if you pay the extra. Otherwise, I'd wait until you hear news of them actually finishing the first batch. 2 and half years and I haven't seen nub one. :( But it looks like they're digging into the day 2 preorders, so... real soon now. And there's Link's shop, of course.
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    Learn Python

    I started with Learning Python by Mark Lutz. I recommend it over web stuff, although the Think Python manuscript is also good. This course is great and even if you just listen to the lectures, it will have you well on your way to being a good programmer...
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    Got Your Pandora? Tell Us Your Order Date!

    It's not going to be exact anyway, since not everyone ordered from GBAX.
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    New Case Pics From Fatih

    something tells me he's seen it.
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    I am going to try this as soon as I have a minute. Thank you for breathing a little more life into my favorite console.
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    I'm As Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take This Anymore!

    Oh hey is that Bing, the new decision engine from Microsoft?
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    Pics From Mweston: Silk Screen Design

    I think you're right, Kagato, I didn't know it was 2.0 only. My suggestion was based on the fact that I didn't know it was 2.0 only. [I wasn't around for some of the early design talk and I definitely wasn't around after the 20th thread about armchair banking regulation. But things have gone...
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    Pics From Mweston: Silk Screen Design

    Here's what I was referring to before. The DC specs are going to be on the back anyway I'm assuming. And the USB vs USB OTG distinction is obvious from the size of the connector. No need to repeat things. Simple as possible, but no simpler :)
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    Pics From Mweston: Silk Screen Design

    Make sure you kern if you end up using any full words. It's worth asking whoever does the BT chip (TI?) what other companies do as far as getting the BT logo. You might be able to get away without paying if you have someone vouch for you or something. Or just don't put anything there. I think...
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    Some Pandora Publicity

    Another port idea: Those guys deserve your support even if they don't port...such great work for such a small team. I just bought the three episodes and am having a blast with it.
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    Some Pandora Publicity

    GP32 had some commercial software, GP2X had some too. http://www.clickgame.../gp2x-store.htm And W&W, Payback, Vektar, Retrovirus RTS, maybe more. I don't see why Pandora wouldn't, it's even easier to dev for than the GP2X. The lack of OpenGL on the GP2X made it more of a niche device I think...
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    Pygame Ide

    Just throwing it out there, sqlite can be used for custom file formats, and support is built into python. It's the best of can treat the data like python objects (you don't need to know any SQL), but AFAIK you get the speedup from a b-tree layout. There are a lot of sqlite GUI...
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    Is There A Wiz Video Converter?

    mencoder and ffmpeg are great. if you want one with a gui then go for ffmpegx.