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    "great Community Huh?"

    I think part of the problem is the way things get announced. For example, I found out about when the new firmware would be out from forum threads - not from GPH or some kind of page related to just firmware. People come here after spotting something on slashdot or edge magazine and they're...
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    The Official Best Deals Topic

    Anyone after a complete package? :(
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    Gp2x For Sale With Sandisk 1gb Sd, Case And More

    GP2X As the topic says; I'm also considering offers through ebay. :ph34r:
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    Rechargable Batteries From

    I have a set of these uniross batteries and find them to be terrible, I'm lucky if I can get about an hour and a half out of them. :o
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    Gp2x Coding Competition Results

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! :ph34r:
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    Maxell 1gb Sd Card

    Huzzah, I finally settled on this one: Sandisk 1GB x60
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    Maxell 1gb Sd Card I just spotted this SD card for £50, any ideas if it's compatible / any good? :ph34r:
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    Gp2x Keyboard

    Sounds promising, it would be so awesome if we can have multi-player through bluetooth or similar too. :ph34r:
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    Drmd Rocks :)

    I just finished Streets of Rage 3 on drmd :ph34r:
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    Holy Crap!!!!!!

    I just tried it out this morning and all I can really say is "wow". Finally I can have a stab at completing Streets of Rage III :ph34r:
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    Firmware Upgrade Compatible Cards And Faq

    I cancelled my order for a PNY 256MB SD card as I had heard they weren't so compatible. I managed to find a Sandisk 128MB from ebay for £7.50. Guess what? It worked straight away and I have the new firmware installed :D
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    Tilematch Updated

    :D Sweeeet! This game is so addictive.
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    My Anime Skin So Far :)

    Skin looks cool, sig causes migraines :ph34r:
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    Think Its Possible To Run A Emu And A .wav Sound?

    Even though .wav probably won't use my CPU up, it'll use a lot of bandwidth because of the high uncompressed high bit rate. e.g. 74 minutes is 650mb.
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    Nk New Release Emugp2x-051202

    Wow the speed improvement is simply amazing, I hope sound comes soon too! : :ph34r: