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    Passed the certification!

    Awesome news. Looking forward to see Pyra in full production mode.
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    Ask the Dragon - Date has been set!

    Great! Unfortunately I will be delivering training so I won't be able to participate in this live stream. Best of luck!
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    Gamebuino Meta

    No. No charge from customs.
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    Gamebuino Meta

    Just got mine Gambuino Meta. Looks really cool.
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    Gamebuino Meta

    Obrigado pela dica! Just backed this project! Looks very interesting
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    Happy Birthday Evildragon

    Happy b-day!
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    With full steam into the new year!

    Good point Notaz. This is what we would like to do in the final simulation in time domain when we consider more nets (clock, data signals, etc...): Supply 1.05V (or 1.25V) in the VDD_MPU and see the noise generated by all other signals. However this requires more time (and information) to setup...
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    Prototype mainboards coming soon

    First of all sorry for being away for some time. Looking at this HW issue this seems to me a Power Integrity issue probably due to SSN (simultaneous switching noise), where the digital signals are causing excessive crosstalk on the PDN (Power Delivery Network) generating noise on the PDN...
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    The Pyra is crying!

    If necessary I can run a Signal Integrity analysis check on the memory traces (mainly DQS, DQ# and address) according to JEDEC standard. Sometimes we have intermittent operation from the memory (losing some bits from time to time). Just need the layout from the ECAD tool and IBIS models of the...
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    Pandora cannot start

    I had exact the same problem this week. Here is what I did to fix it: 1-Removed and inserted the battery and connect the DC charger (didn't fix it) 2-Pluged ad removed the DC charger a few times (here the screen turned completely off and the screen showing the logo eas gone) 3-With the...
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    Soccer World Cup 2014 - Who are you rooting for?

    Yes, Brazillians are guilty, afterall it is us who vote for these government leaders. Now, you should be more carefull and read this: English translation is...
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    Soccer World Cup 2014 - Who are you rooting for?

    I live in Brazil and we are rooting for nobody. They spent billions of dollas from public money in these new stadiums while we don´t have schools, hospitals, not even public transportation.
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    Release M.A.R.S. a ridiculous shooter

    Awesome! Thanks!
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    Downloading all PND'sow

    So anyone downloaded everything at once already?
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    He-Man game

    I just tried and when it loads OpenBOR crashes and goes back to the desktop :( I believe we need an updated version