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    I Always Laugh When I Think About How You Guys Got Scammed

    I got flamed pretty bad for making this post.   The funny thing is I had no intentions of trolling. I really do just check in here like once or twice a year to see the update on the Pandora. I do not stay so well updated so would not even know that other people trolled this.   However, I do find...
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    I Always Laugh When I Think About How You Guys Got Scammed

    Well I guess you guys are still not over it. I expected some flaming. But I still wait for someone who can laugh at the situation.
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    I Always Laugh When I Think About How You Guys Got Scammed

    I was ready to also pull the trigger on the pandora years ago. Lucky I didn't. So I was almost in the same boat as many of you.   But I did check back every so often to see the progress on the pandora. I could not believe it when every six months or so when checking the forum that the pandora...
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    Has Everyone Received Their Pre-Orders?

    Let me understand this, there are people from the pre-order of 2 years ago who still have not received their pandora yet? :lol:
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    Has Everyone Received Their Pre-Orders?

    I come to this forum from time to time to see if everybody got their pandora. It still amazes me that after 1 or 2 years people were still waiting. I can not tell if everybody got theirs yet who ordered that long ago.
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    Wiz Vs Canoo

    IF you didn't like the pandora, I would have to assume you would not like the Wiz or Caanoo. I don't have a pandora but was wanting to upgrade to a pandora eventually because of the bigger screen and better controls, and hopefully faster emulation for the SNES. But I really want to hear why...
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    Anyone Have Trouble Going Diagonal Up-Right On Caanoo?

    Seems like when I try to go this way it is difficult, I usually go to the right or up. Do any of you notice this problem? I don't think anything is broken but think it is just difficult to do this on that round stick.
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    Nintendo 3Ds

    On something like the 3ds, how are the games? I mean the old SNES games were just so much fun, are the 3ds games any fun? Or is it like all the new consoles, better graphics but gameplay is horrible. I think with games trying to use the 3d graphics took away from the gameplay big time.
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    Taking Pre-Orders For Special 3Rd Batch Of Caanoo

    What is with this different batches or caanoo's? Does anyone know how I can make sure to buy from the most recent batch?
  10. D Has Wiz In Stock At 99Us!

    I am in the market for a caanoo, do you think thinkgeek buys defective units or something? Should I order my caanoo from some other online store?
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    Wiz Vs Caanoo

    Why has all the Wiz's from thinkgeek have a defect? IS this only thinkgeek that got a bad batch?
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    Before I Order...

    Guys just a quick question, I'm also trying to decide between black and white. Since I'm a business man now and looking for a wife, I would like the color option that looks less geeky or not so much like a gaming console. I would like the people who see me with it think its maybe a cell phone or...
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    Batch 2'ers

    Guys, need an update here. In all honesty, if I ordered a pandora now when will be the best estimate that I would probably get it in my hands?
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    Should I Buy Caanoo, Or Wait For Pandora?

    I have actually purchased the wiz over a year and half ago and returned it due to a problem with one of the buttons. I decided not to get another one because I thought I might as well get a pandora. I read my post on why I returned the Wiz and it was mainly the spongy "b" button and also not too...
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    Pandora Order As An Investment

    There wouldn't be a market for it because I can just go and order one from openpandora right now for the first batch. There are still plenty available. I'm not sure if its because they increased the output, or they have cancelled some of the pre-orders and are now trying to fill them.