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    That SDL port

    A few small points to note, SDL is a wrapper to the low-level functions very much like DirectX and its only real drawback on the GP32 is that it is dependent on the GamePark SDK currently for providing most of the low-level bits so there is a performance hit (and necessary libC wrapper). The...
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    AAC player/decoder ?

    Compyfox, You are free to go and write a GP32 player, all the SDK is available and you can build your own compiler using free tools (like mine or RobBrowns GCC guides) so go and do it and stop saying you won't/can't, you would soon find out what problems await your average GP32 developer :D...
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    AAC player/decoder ?

    Firstly there is only one ‘free’ source code decoder for AAC and that is FAAD that was written by Ahead (Who make Nero CD Tools) and GPL’ed. The last time I looked at FAAD (Pre V2) it was using a lot of floating point code and was not really suitable for porting to integer only devices like the...
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    Whats Going on?

    Upto 133MHz is within the spec of the GP32 so you are not overclocking. Overclocking is from 134MHz >. The speed is VERY dependent on the emu/port/game etc. that your trying to use but most developers aim to get reasonable performance at stock speed in my view. For 16bit system emulation check...
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    scumm question

    Read this ;)
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    scumm question

    Put tentacle.000 and tentacle.001 in a folder of your choice and browse to it in the gui. If you have the floppy version you can also add the Monster.sou for sound.
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    Could somebody tell me what

    ??, You mean gpManager? The one from
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    Flashing my firmware with the new European one.

    I just popped the eufw.bin and the flasher in GPMM. Ran the flasher from Freelauncher and waited 30 secs for the update. Make sure you have power or new batteries.
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    fMAME32 review

    Nope, there is no fast GP32 68k core yet :D. There are a few projects looking at 68k cores so it may just be a case of waiting.
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    GP64 recommended specs?

    ??, Compactflash goes upto and beyond 2GB. IBM CF 1GB Micrdrives can be had for under £100 if you know where to look. SmartMedia only has 128MB cards available in retail and 256MB in prototype form. Regards CF, try £35 for a 256MB CF card.
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    What happened to ph0x?

    Craig, Thanks :D, i'll chuck Rob a mail.
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    What happened to ph0x?

    Explosivo, what do you want to know about gpScummVM? I have taken on ph0x's code with his blessing and he (when I last spoke to him) was spending more of his time looking at J2ME stuff and having fun at conferences :) Regarding the status of gpScumm, here is a little WIP. I have the ph0x’s/my...
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    gp32 win95?

    joe_bain, USB support in Win95 is non-working at best. I don't thik it is going to work, sorry to say.
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    GP32 Zelda: OOT 2D - Would be cool for GP32

    This is not a SNES game but a Windows 2D remake of Zelda:OOT using sprites nicked from the SNES Zelda games. Depending on the language used by the author (VERY big?) and his willingness to work on (or with someone) on a GP32 port I don't see why not in theory. In practice the remake is not...
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    ectlion, make sure you have the latest version then. Some of the early test versions are running @ 133 but the newest IS running @ 66.