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    Vector Graphics Packages?

    Hehe - was thinking of it being run by the GP2X but outputted to an external display. Glad to know its possible - albeit insane and pointless :-D
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    Vector Graphics Packages? "Xara Xtreme for Linux is a powerful, general purpose graphics program for Unix platforms including Linux, FreeBSD and (in development) OS-X. Formely known as Xara LX, it is based on Xara Xtreme for Windows, which is the fastest graphics program available, period...
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    Uae2x 0.1alpha Wip

    ..and many on the Amiga boards are also interested in seeing how the emulator turns out - this really is very cool! Thankyou GnoStiC!! Best wishes to your wife, I hope all goes well.
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    Amiga Big Bash

    Great - In all the photos I look smashed, and have a beer in one hand and food in the other, or the camera has been placed in such a way to give me double chins.. hehe ;-) As for the scary geeks - yes there are some who look a tad scary, but one of the cool things about the Amiga scene is a...
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    Amiga Big Bash And Retro 2006

    For those unable to attend - but would like to look in... Live feeds from show The webcams are sorted :-)
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    Amiga Big Bash And Retro Event

    Good luck with it :-)
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    Amiga Big Bash And Retro Event

    I shall get an answer for you by this afternoon :-)
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    Amiga Big Bash And Retro 2006 " If you are travelling by train please click here for directions from Peterborough train station. The venue is in walking distance from the train station" Nb. The distance between train station and venue is just approx just under 2 miles, so roughly a...
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    Amiga Big Bash And Retro Event

    13?? Wow.. a young lad into retro stuff :-) - now I feel really old! On the Amiga boards I'm one of the youngest - and I'm 26! I think we have a couple of people in their 80's!! As you are 13, I'm not sure how viable a car share would be. Effectively you would be getting into a car with a...
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    Amiga Big Bash And Retro Event

    Which part of Scotland, as we may be able to arrange a lift for you? There are many Amigans north of the border that are show bound.
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    Amiga Big Bash And Retro Event

    Amiga Big Bash and Retro is now only 8 days away. Below is an event schedule. We are pleased to announce that Craig from has kindly donated a GP2X as a raffle prize. We also have a demo of the GP2X planned on a projector. We have Dennis van Weeren with MiniMig - a complete Amiga 500...
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    Big Bash Retro Event - It's On!

    Hehe - at Amiga Big Bash there are always absolutely stunning women. I mean seriously hot -but all taken. The spotty greasy kid back in 1988 grew up to be a high earning software dev... and money is the biggest magnet for hot blondes going.. You'd think you were at Boy Racer convention with all...
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    Retro Gaming Event

    It's real easy from London - you can also take the train. Ok - looks like enough interest is here to start proceedings to take this down a retro route..
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    Retro Gaming Event

    There may be car sharing oppertunities... Come have a play. - but be warned, from the moment you see the kickstart screen you'll be addicted.
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    Retro Gaming Event

    No age restrictions what so ever. In fact our youngest ever visitor to the show was 6 months old. There is a bar, so normal UK law applies here (18 + for alcohol) We have a few more goodies at the show on the Amiga Front - New PPC hardware, and a New port of EUAE - the best Amiga Emulator...