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    Xd To Smc Adapter And Bigger Cards?

    yeah it works
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    Access Gp2x Via Vpn

    yep, I would say use ssh though :)
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    Usb Problem

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    Usb Problem

    yep, definitly get a cardreader. Get one here cheap:
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    Div Fenix France

    a very small part
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    Windows 3.11

    lol just grab it off the web :P anyways, win 3.11 would be pretty slow and useless, id rather have a faster dosbox...
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    Any Ideas For A Simple Mod?

    you could connect a chatboard to it with that plug.. (still got an ericsson chatboard, but no gp32 :P)
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    What Is The Buit-in Really?

    yeah I believe so. And about the NAND, its not that its gonna brake after you just copy a few games, its got like 100.000 write cycles so its stupid to say its "dangerous"... (you can format the nand in the settings menu, in case you didn't know)
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    So Where's Everyone Physically Located Anyway?

    I'm 10 meters above sea level in NL :P
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    Front Page Forum Posts

    yep, I thought that someone already mentioned this to hando some time ago? Or was that only the fact of that guest reading of the forums was not allowed on some parts? (which is fixed now)
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    Cheats For Gpsp2x

    You can also use the same savestates in vba on the pc I believe, and then cheat from there, and transfer the save back to the gp2x.
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    This Is Ridicoulous

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    It just sucks that people go jumping on good music like jeckyll and hyde :P But damn, appelen is even worse :D The music is not bad though ^_^
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    Buttons Get Stuck

    Really? :P
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    Playing Mp3 And Craigplayer

    try 7-zip to unzip it