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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Zatackax, an OpenSource remake of the classic "Achtung, die Kurve!"

It's basically a multiplayer Lightcycle tron, but with free angles instead of the 90 degree turns.

There is a basic I.A., so you can play alone (against many computer), but the game is probably more fun with human player.

Player one is on DPad (Left/Right to turn, Up to activate weapon).
Player two and other are I.A. by default, but can be switched to human.
Player two use {A}/{B} to turn and {Y} for weapon.

History log

Build 02

  • Updated to latest sources
Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Some Pandora optimizations and customisation.
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Thank you :) will be happy to play it once I´m home again tonight :) seems to be much like "Snake", my first (and kind of only ever) seriously played cellphone game
Thanks for porting this; I gave it a quick go against an AI player and it was fun, if a little easy in the end.

In case the original author finds this, the gameplay would probably flow better if it paused after someone crashes and indicates them somehow, so if blue screws up while you're concentrating on fitting though a gap, you can look up and see who crashed and how. As is the way it starts immediately again with the countdown to start does ensure you don't wander off in the middle, but I'm not sure it adds much more than that to be honest.
[doublepost=1501283602,1501257445][/doublepost]I've had a fiddle in the settings now; I found putting borders on helpful on my tv-out unit, so I can see exactly where the screen edge is. Music I find helps distract me from the repetitiveness of the sound effects, so turning that on improved my enjoyment, and setting a max score to something between 5 and 10 gives you a game that lasts a minute or two (then you can just hit enter to play again), which I find a more satisfying way to play.

I wasn't able to see how to add more than one AI opponent. Maybe I'll have another dig tomorrow.
I wasn't able to see how to add more than one AI opponent. Maybe I'll have another dig tomorrow.
Just press Right when "Start Game" is selected, you will add more player (and Left reduce the number of player). Be aware that too many AI player (like 5+) may slow down the gameplay.
Ah, right - you have to do it before hitting enter while 'start game' is selected, then the dots left and right shuffle over to indicate the number of actual and presumably possible players. 4 way worked on my GHz unit well, although I had to turn up the score limit since you can win up to four points per game with four players.