Your method to test new PNDs?


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Dec 19, 2011
Bavaria, Germany
Hi guys,

what's your method to test newly downloaded PNDs?

I'd like to be able to have a kind of "temporary" place for newly downloaded PNDs, which I want to try before permanently installing them (e.g. applications or games, which I don't know if I will like them).

If I install them directly in /pandora/menu, I may forget about them, they spam my menu, take up SD card space and slow down the system.

Currently I use the desktop for this temporary location, i.e. new PNDs are installed on SD card in /pandora/desktop, and once I decide to keep the PND, I move it to /pandora/menu.

Is there a better way?


create a folder in either Pandora->Menu or Pandora->Apps or Pandora->Desktop called Test and drop it in there it will still work and when you browse your sd manually you will know all PND's in that folder are for testing :p
well, I'd prefer to have them seperated in the GUI, too. Sometimes the menu items don't correspond to the PND file names, so after isntalling a larger bunch of PNDs it's hard to tell which PND's menu items still need testing and which don't.

But the desktop is probably the only method for this separation at GUI level, isn't it?

I dont understand what additional seperation you need unless you have more than 1 version of the same app to test? if your testing your own PND's just give each app a different title in the PXML and you should be able to distinguish them easily in the menu.

also if you browse to the dir that your test pnd's are located via the terminal you can launch the pnd use what by typing

>$pnd_run nameoffile.pnd

and it will run that specified pnd