Pnds And Directory Structure


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Apr 17, 2006
My Pandora arrived (yay!). I have the same 16 gig SD card I used with my GP2X. I can get PNDs, but what's the best directory structure to use? Where should I put the PNDs? I just open them to run the apps, right?
Congratulations - I saw you hint that you'd gotten it in your offline Wikipedia thread. :D I hope you're enjoying it.

Regarding PNDs, you need to create five folders. One, in the root of your SD Card, called pandora, and four in that one called desktop (to make PNDs appear on the desktop), menu (to place them in the menu), apps (to have them show up in both places), and appdata (this is the place where applications will put some files - at this time, some emulators may require you to put some things in their uniquely-named folders that will appear in there).

As for the rest of the directory structure, that's mostly up to you - but as noted above, some apps need you to put certain things in appdata.
Thanks! :)


there oughta be a shell script with the firmware what does this


Can we put folders in the apps and menu and etc. folders, for separating emulators and games and stuff?
I understand from another thread that you should be able do that, but I don't know anything more than that, because I don't organise my own cards that way. :p
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As I'm sure your going to have more questions.

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