GP2X You Want Make Games For Gp2x?

But this code was never meant for C, I stupidly made it a C project, compiled as C, but it IS meant to be C++.

I'm wondering: How different is the GP2X in terms of what you can do (compared to developing for a PC or whatever)? I mean, could the linux version of FMOD or other sorts of dynamic linked libraries be used (assuming they don't need some hardware that GP2X doesn't actually have)? Or would one have to recode sound in SDL? Could SDL_mixer be used if this is the case? Sorry to be so full of stupid questions...
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So you have it working then?

Yes thanks :)

Now I will have to learn C++ properly. I kinda started to last year, but stopped partway through. So I'm going to have to relearn from scratch, forget what I know (or think I know). SDL seems a nice and fairly friendly library to use though, and writing some functions to make it easier (like drawImage(), drawSprite(), FlipScreen()) to make it easier for me ought to be a fairly simple process.

I also have some ambitions for certain ports to make, but that'll be a while probably even for a quick and dirty "hack" port.
i downloaded Dev-C++ and everytime i go to check for updates to download the SDL dev package only one package shows up. how can i download it. thanks ive never made a program before but i really relaly want ot learn C++. thanks again
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If you have just started c/c++, dont bother with SDL just yet, learn the basics with console based programs and tutorials otherwise you will have an immense learning curve...

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ill try to delete it and thanks for the advice, it was all getting so confusing and stuff so ill try to get the basics of c ++ down first.
Go for C instead, smaller language and instruction and also less confusing. C++ contains Object Orientated software practises so it may not be very beginner friendly especially if this is going to be your first language.
@shubox357: There is only meant to be one SDL package on Dev-CPPs update server. It ought to be latest version. Basically, that file is a Dev-CPP DEVPAK file, which is sort of like a zip file or other archiving method but geared towards storing libraries for dev-CPP. So the files are all in there ready for installation.

C++ was sorta my first language... basically, I got "Borland C++ for Dummies" out of the local library (the only coding book I could find) it wasn't too bad actually, and I learnt most of the basic concepts- but basically I only really learned the C part, never got onto OOP. Maybe ths time :)

Good luck Shubox357!