GP32 So You Want To Create Or Remake A Game...

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Apr 18, 2003
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For those wishing to create and remake games, yet have little to no programming skill, or just get plain frustrated trying to do it on the GP32, there are alternatives!

We have excellent game script engines for the GP32. Now first, what is a "game script" engine you ask? Lemme briefly explain. A game script engine uses a text file containing "keywords" which form a game. This is obviously 100x easier then trying to learn a programming language AND getting it working on the GP32 (which is not the ideal development platform to the newbie coder). Why spend hours upon hours with frustrating results when you could have a cool game in far less time that may even have cross-platform compatibility! (meaning it can be used on more then one platform)

More about cross-platform compatibility. Unless you're a master coder, your program will probably only work on the GP32. So if your only interest is making something within the power of our existing game engines, why not just use a game scripting engine? You will have the same end results as programming it yourself (even learning a new language, except a scripting one instead of programming) and have the luxury of allowing your non-GP32 laden friends to play it on their PCs!

For information about the types of game scripting engines available, see this thread:
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