You Know Your A Gp2x Fanboy When....

You know you're a GP2X fanboy when...

You always try to educate everyone about the GP2X when people ask "Is that a PSP?". check

You have more than 20 AA rechargable batteries and/or a smart charger and expensive battery charger. well more like 10

You know what GPE stands for. check

You installed Linux because you bought a GP2X.

You are one of the people begging for a/showing off the DaveC Seal of Approval(tm).

You have bought the $3 SD card reader.

You have shown off the TV-out. check

You have "acquired" fullsets of ROMs thanks to the GP2X. check

You have bought every commercial game for the GP2X and are anticipating the translations of the currently Korean only GP2X games. check

You have a GP2X affiliate link.

You have DPad modded your GP2X.

You know about battery cover can become a GP2X stand trick. check

You have a First Edition.

You have a 4GB SD card and it's still not enough space for you...

...And you desire an 8GB version.

You have hooked up hard drives/flash drives through USB to the GP2X...

... Or anything USB for that matter.

You have tried every game on the archive. check

... OK I'm done.

yup im a fanboy... :D

You know your a neo geo fanboy when