(Yet Another) Pandora Review

Is there a way to stop networking scanning occuring all the time but keep wifi?

DaveC said:
I have a feeling that the paint may cause this. The paint thickness causes the inner dimension to be tighter in the lid. Since the plastic has to go somewhere it presses out in the thinnest spot. The reason some may be worse than others is applying paint is probably not exact.
Then they shouldn't paint the inner side. I don't want a bending LCD Frame. If it can be fixed by a smarter paint job, they should do so.

DaveC said:
The case was not designed originally to be painted. If it was then it would not do this.

As far as the gap on the left it is not the hinge design causing it. They are perfectly even in the design. This is likely due to some molding/shrink issue.
I still wonder why they painted the surface instead of "sandblasting" or whatever. Should also cover the colour issues of the pure plastic pretty well.
And I also don't want a gap between the lid and the bottom onto my Pandora. The Case Factory should be smart enought to trimm their moulding machines for better results. I hope they know about the shrinking issues and adjust their machines better next time. I guess this can be done on the fly and don't result in another delays. The gap kills alot of the professional look of the Case so it must be found a way to eliminate this. :(

I really wonder why the case factory needed 8 Months and deliver something like this. The Case is OK for 8 Weeks of making the moulds and tweeking but they needed much longer so this actualy should result "automaticly" into better quality...in theory... I hope they know at least from these little problems.
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ljones said:
Is there a way to stop networking scanning occuring all the time but keep wifi?

Would you not just connect to a network ;)
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Network scanning should probably occur less frequently.
It's definitely not optimal if it uses more power when not connected versus connected.

Also it's nice to have wifi always on with network scanning because it will then automatically connect if it finds a configured network. (for exemple when moving to school, free wifi access, arriving at home...).
One check every 10-15min seems good enough to me. I've no idea if it's possible to have Network manager do this.

On the nokia n800 I believe it is possible to select the interval between scan for wifi. You can definitely keep the wiki on all the time and have no problem. And that's with a 1500mah battery, a lot of mobile phone also have decent battery life with wifi on.
I guess it's mostly a question of optimization.
Alpha2 said:
borgqueenx said:
14 hours...sick. Thats 4 times better then my psp.

Geez! what are you doing to your PSP? I get at least 6-9 hours.
Well right now that's about 7 times what I get on my PSP, but I just need a new battery it's original and I have a PSP fat/1000. :p
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