Worth install Jazz JAckrabbit dosbox?


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Jun 16, 2011

Im thinking about installing dosbox. Mostly for playing Jazz Jackrabbit. Since installing new things always is difficult for me, I would like to know if the game works well in dosbox before trying.

1. Is the character always walking left and in that case how do you solve it? (Read something about that)

2. Do you still have to overclock to run game full speed?

3. Someone sad that dosbox on pandora is like a 386 in speed. Is this true? It sound a little slow.

4. How long is the pandora battery time with overclocking?

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You can also use openjazz which an open source interpreter engine for the jazz data. Be aware there are some differences, but the project is improving.

If the inaccuracies are too much dosbox is the only option, which I think you would have to overclock to get jazz to run.
1: Mysteriously, to solve the always-walking-left problem, if you happen to encounter it, you simply need to erase the files from your SD Card, and re-copy them from your original disc (if you have Jazz Jackrabbit CD-ROM), or disks (if you have the original floppy releases). I have absolutely no idea why it is, but this is what I discovered when I reproduced that problem and solved it again. (It is *possible*, though I have not confirmed this, that the problem may have been the result of files becoming corrupted on a problematic SD Card, which is what I later learned I was using at the time. This may be why freshly re-copying them over worked.)

2: You do need to overclock, yes, and it's still not quite fast enough. I do not know if overvolting (which may let you overclock a bit higher, depending on the make-up of your individual Pandora) will help this further, as I don't overvolt mine.

3: I don't really know the answer to this - for the vast majority of people, x86-based machines were irrelevant in the UK until around 1996 or so, so I've never even seen a 386. :lol:

4: I think that that depends, at least in part, on how high your particular Pandora is capable of clocking, amongst other things, so I'm not sure how to answer this one, either. If you only overclock for the one app, and then go back to the regular speed for others shortly afterward, it doesn't seem to have that big of an impact, in my experience, though.
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