Wooohoooo! I Got My Pandora!

got my pandora too :D yay will be announcing live stream webcast for ppl to ask questions i guess... i'm a bit deaf tho after an alkaline trio gig last night so might wait til later... charging atm :)
When did you order?

Within 2 seconds of the pre-order form going online, the one and only original! Then I re-paid (after the bank issues), then I re-paid again (Google switch), then I sat, day after day, and waited patiently .. very patiently ..

Postage options?

Stupidly, I selected Airmail, thinking it would be a 2 - 3 day wait .. instead it was 6 days .. was shipped on the 25th and got here (Vienna, Austria) today.

Unit Number?

On the one I've unboxed: 090001000054
On the one still in the box: ??? I don't know, I haven't unboxed it yet! :)

Nice, low number there, though .. ;)

When will I get mine?

Dunno, but if you close your eyes and click your heels a few times while repeating "There's no nubs like mine.." you might find magic! :0
Torpor, could you do a build quality comparison between your two Pandoras. :)
Damn, you have a smaller serial number than me :) (I was order #39, but a few people ordered multiple in front of me, damn you ;) (I also ordered two, so I'm just as guilty :)

Gratz torpor, welcome to the party :)

@torpor: Wanted to PM you, but the board system forbids it.
May I send you an email or ICQ?
I am from Vienna too!
Want to establish some exchange :)
porg: sure thing, mail sent with my details, maybe we can meet at Metalab on Friday night for a handhelds hacking session or something ..
craigix said:
That guy in Spain got Pandora 00001. I did wonder where it ended up.

He posts in gp32spain and as far as I know he posted a couple of doubts here as well. And he proudly shows his serial number :) It seems that there are so far two gp32spain members that got a Pandora, but unfortunately they haven't had enought time to do a proper review for us Spaniards :)
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rmm21: sure thing, will do that when I unbox my second one! I'm not disappointed with the build quality, although my #54 *does* have pretty serious lower-section bowing/warping going on, no matter how many times I push it in with my clumsy thumb. Doesn't matter, to be honest it doesn't bother me a great deal, but it is a bit disappointing when showing it to newbies ..

craigix: is it right that there is no serial number listed when I type "cat /proc/cpuinfo"? I seem to remember (dimly) a year or two ago about there being a thread on this, that you didn't want to enable CPU-based ID's, and if that is the case can you just confirm it?

skeezix: I was order #17, so yeah .. our relative positions sound about right. Glad you got two! Will be good to see what happens with multiplayer-gaming on the Pandora .. I think we need zeroconf onboad to make Game searches on a local WLAN easier ..
torpor -- freeciv multiplayer does work, just need to scale the windowes to fit (or use freeciv SDL which does scaling.)

I didn't get Q2 networking to work.

Didn't try with Q3 yet :) (ioq3 runs pretty well but has transparency issues; q3 itself I can't run, will look into it)

okay i am home now and logged in on my #54... first impressions are as follows:

wow! it is finally here!

cannot type too well yet .. definitely a bit of labor to find the right symbols and forget about using the shift key in any way for now. but i cant wait to get an 8bit emu up and relive type in glory, lol

wish the keypad was backlit .. definitely going to consider the mod.

controls feel really great! no glitches yet to report. have not run any games.. my main PC is in disorder due to flooding but i will get it sorted tonight and make some SD cards next.

i really love the vibe of the whole thing .. robust and sweet. not bothered at all by case gotchas either .. like all my gear its about my personal use of the thing and so far i think i will use the hell out of this box now.

thank you team, your days of glory have arrived.. off to get my main PC up and get something built on my PANDORA!!! ITS IN MY HANDS AT LAST!!!!!!