Windows And Ie10 On Arm (Tegra)


Oct 13, 2009
Why am I so staringly, strangely, glaringly, surely, sadly, crazily ,madly, insanely, maddeningly, amazingly, curiously, clearly, obviously, obsessed with this stuff??

Here it is
OilySalmon said:
And only What? Three years late?
And the years it will take for Microsoft for a release.
Besides, you'll have the never ending problem of linux on arm, no old program will work.

Hopefully, Microsoft will do it right add the ability for visual studio to compile to both targets completely transparent and effortlessly to really push support.
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Blue Ion

They can do better than that; .NET programs should work without even needing to be recompiled.
I think you guys are missing the big picture. Kinect SDK + Windows on ARM.

Think of a handheld device that can be your phone, your desktop and your living room media center (Xbox). Transforming UI and Microsoft is the only one in the position to pull this off correctly. If they can do it is a whole other question...
we already have those 3 things in one here, Phawx.... linphone, xfce and xbmc... so what big picture is being missed that you are speaking of? Also, the Kinect software has been open-sourced, pretty sure there are already drivers for Linux on the market, so you can add Kinect functionality to the list as soon as someone decides to port the necessary software.... all before that dream is even half realized by Microsoft...

Just sayin...
Custom Processing Unlimite said:
pretty sure there are already drivers for Linux on the market
Already? They were the first! Someone hacked together an open Linux driver for it within the first few hours after it was launched, earning a price of a few thousand dollars. It was what got the whole hype rolling. When official drivers were released, there was a Linux one among them as well.
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point taken, Letalis... I do vaguely remember that being mentioned... skimmed over it in my google reader feed... didn't take time to sit down and really dig into it..
No, drivers for the image-processing-chip in the Kinect have been open-sourced, which give you a depth-map of the image. That's only a small part of the work, you'll still need to do the (absolutely non-trivial) work of tracking objects, and determining body-parts and stuff, which needs to be close to perfect, or it'll be an excercise in frustration. MS got the Kinect's hardware somewhere in 2006-7, and spent years making it actually gameplay-worthy...

As for Windows-on-Arm: I expect the collection of software available for it to be very, very limited for quite a long while, basically being limited to MS-stuff, open-source stuff (which you'll probably have to compile yourself, because no-one else has), java, pure .net-apps, and (probably) WP-silverlight-apps, but the amount of worthwile java and .net-apps is pretty limited, and most stuff doesn't have a touch-UI. Commercial developers will barely look at it before there are a significant amount of devices out there, most open-source developers won't even consider buying one, and compiling open-source stuff on windows isn't particularly easy, so won't happen all that much...
There might be some use for it in corporate environments, with mostly custom, in-house software, but that market is tiny. (just take a look at how "well" the Windows-tablets, which are mainly targeted at that market, have managed to sell for the last 10 years..., or PDA's for that sake)
Oh, and MS is going to get serious driver-issues, as linux is by now pretty much the sole OS for most high-end ARM-chips, and most chip-manufacturers won't bother writing good drivers for Windows-on-Arm, and nobody will be able to fix the bugs...

Furthermore, as always when MS announces something, it won't be released within the next few years, and when it finally does get released, it's years behind the rest of the market, and nothing like the original announcement. I reaally don't get why people keep falling for that trick time and time again...