Arm Running Windows2000/xp/windows 7/vista, Mac Os10.4 And Later?


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May 31, 2010
Can I Run Windows?

Short Answer: No

Short Reason: Pandora is different hardware to a PC. Microsoft doesn't support it.

Long Answer:

It cannot run a modern Windows operating system, although with an emulator it can run very early incarnations from the early 1990's. The latest version of Windows for which you can expect to run is 'Windows 3.11 For Workgroups'. Due to the extreme age of these older versions, they aren't able to run applications targetted for Windows 95/98, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

The Pandora has a different type of proccessor compared to a standard computer. Microsoft has developed Windows so as to run only on Intel based chips, and they don't support the type of CPU used in the Pandora.

For our machine, we use an ARM design, which is used in many portable devices such as mobile phones, the Ipod range, the Iphone and Ipod Touch models and the Nintendo DS (although this doesn't make the Pandora compatible with those machines; ARM designs vary greatly, unlike Intel x86).

The main advantage of using an ARM processor is greatly impoved battery life, as the Intel x86 CPU design (used in your PC, laptop of netbook) is a continuation of a design established in the 1980's for the original IBM PC. Have you ever noticed your PC uses the same power cord as your kettle? That's because it uses hundreds of watts! For a handheld, the power consumption is required to be roughly less than 5 Watts.

Dosbox is an emulator for many platforms that supports running applications for early PCs. The earliest editions of Windows were built on DOS technology and will run on this emulator, but you'll be limited to very old application software.

there's a chinese mid which also uses arm cpu that can support windows or OS X..

here it is

could it also be possible with the pandora? to run windows or OS X?
It can't run Windows or OS X. It comes with Android and it has an ARM, so its a no-no. What they probably mean is the supported compatibility for when you connect it to another computer that uses any of those OSes.

EDIT: typo
It's the: "System Requirements" for the "Support System"
So yes.. works - Pandora can be accessed via Mac OSX and Windows XP (not sure about vista or 7 yet via usbnet - but a memory driver will probably follow at some point, or you can use WiFi)

And no, no modern windows or os x on the pandora. Even if (they have to be emulated), they wouldn't run any application at a good speed (and this is a hardware limitation, no way around it).
kun said:

That spec sheet suggests that you can connect it to Windows or OSX, not that you can run them on the device. Also there's not a whole lot of reason to want either of those on the Pandora, considering the memory constraints.
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It says pretty clearly that the device it self runs Android OS 1.5. You might be able to update it to a newer Android, but i wouldn't be to sure about further support then...
JayFoxRox said:
So yes.. works - Pandora can be accessed via Mac OSX and Windows XP (not sure about vista or 7 yet via usbnet - but a memory driver will probably follow at some point, or you can use WiFi)

I don't think you can access it from XP until mass-storage is implemented. And I don't know about anybody else, but all my attempts so far Accessing the Pandora from Windows (or, indeed vica versa) via wifi have proved futile. :(
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Ok that's interesting.

Any idea where I can find th linux.inf file that's required?