Windos Mce Problem


Aug 25, 2003
san fran
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For some reason, drop down menu's such as File, Edit, Help are invisable when i click them at first, then the items inside them appear as i move the mouse over them. See the screnshot below. This happens in all programs that have drop down menus, So i've tried IE, Firefox, PCcillan, and Quickbooks, all of these are having this problem. This computer is for my mother's office, and she can't stand the problem. The computer is brand new from Dell, and has an onboard GPU if that makes a difference, its a Pentium D, 2gb ram. Thanks in advance.


Edit, I just noticed i spelled Windows wrong in my topic title whoops ;)
That only happens to me on my seven year old laptop, when it's nearly out of RAM or is running a lot of things at the same time. It comes as a surprise that a beast with 2GB of RAM has this kind of trouble. Does this problem appear all the time, even after a fresh reboot, with only one application running?

Edit: try running the Windows Classic theme, it is simpler to render, and perhaps a bit less demanding too. Also, disable the shadows underneath menus.

- Alex
It's probably some sort of driver issue. You might want to try updating all of the drivers to see if that solves the problem.
I dunno, the problem seemed to just dissapear ;) It wasn't a Ram shortage, still had a good 1.5 gb free Ram left, No idea what caused least its gone. haha