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Mar 22, 2006
Manchester, UK
Ok since Javacat asked I'm going to tell you how to install and run QEMU.

My system specs, atm are as follows:

700Mhz Dell L400 Latitude Laptop.

You will need:
1 copy of Windows 98, preferably SE edition (I found 95 to run real slow),
Qemu manager,
1 windows 98 boot disk - get it from bootdisk dot com

1) Install Qemu manager (this is a GUI for qemu and has the qemu with it).

2) Run qemu manager. There should be a red plus/cross, click it.

3) This will start the "Create Virtual Machine Wizard". Type in a name for your virtual machine (I called mine win). Press Next

4) Choose an operating system from the drop down list. Since we are using windows 98, for this tutorial, click that. The field about the RAM will be filled in for you when you click the operating system that you want. Press Next.

5) Click "Create new virtual drive" box and press Next.

6) A save box will appear. Type in the name that you wish to call the harddrive (i.e. Hdd). Make sure that you save the harddrive image in qemu manager's image folder. Press Save.

7) Input the size of the drive that you want, in megabytes. For example, 2000 would be 2000mb or 2Gb). Leave the bottom drop down box as it is. Press Next.

8) Leave the profile set at default and click "Enable Audio". Press Next.

9) Click Save Virtual Machine.

10) In QEMU Manager there should be an entry with whatever you called your virtual machine. Double click the entry.

This will bring you into the virtual machine configuration which has four tabs. The tab you are currently on is the General settings.

Please Note: DO NOT enable the Kernal Mode Accelerator Support, in the general settings tab, when using windows as this will cause a windows protection error during windows startup and you won't be able to boot into windows at all!

11) Click the Disk Configuration tab. You will notice that the virtual drive that you created in steps 5 and 6 has already been input as your C drive.

12) Click Use system cd rom drive and then click the drop down box beneath it and find your pc/laptop's drive letter and click it.

13) Click Boot from floppy and Use PC floppy disk drive. Press Save.

14) Insert the win98 boot disk into the floppy drive and press the green "play" button in QEMU Manager.

15) Let the system boot up and remember what drive the cdrom was assigned during the boot process (mine was R:).

16) When the boot is finished you should get the floppy disk prompt (A:/>). Type format C:.

17) When finished, locate the cdrom again and run the setup program and let windows 98 install.

Things to remember:
Clicking the qemu screen with the mouse lets you use the mouse in that operating system. To get back out to use the mouse in your normal OS press Ctrl-Alt

Pressing Ctrl-Alt-2 brings you into the qemu console.
Pressing Ctrl-Alt-1 brings you back to the operating system that you were using

Here are some useful commands to remember:

system_reset - same as pressing reset button on the computer

eject fda - ejects the floppy

eject cdrom - ejects the cdrom

change cdrom /dev/cdrom - refreshes whats in the cdrom. E.g.:
Take out a cd, run the eject cdrom command. Put in another cd and use the change cdrom command.

if you forget these commands just use ? or help in the qemu console and this will bring you a list of all the commands.

If there are any problems let me know and I'll help out. Hope this tutorial helps :)


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Dec 2, 2005
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Thanks for that :D

After a small BSOD I now have Windows 98 installed. Are there any particular video and sound drivers you recommend? The sound is a bit crackly for me at the minute and it completely ignores the volumes I set in the volume controls.