Where to get an EXT connector/JTAG connector in 2023?


Aug 24, 2023
So I've bricked my GP2X while attempting to install Open2x (no idea what happened, it just sat on the firmware upgrading screen for half an hour or more with nothing happening). I could fix it using JTAG, but I have no adapter or connector to connect to the EXT port.

The connector on the multi-com.pl website is out of stock and I doubt that will ever return, and I can't find the cradles or cables on the usual suspects like eBay. Any idea where to acquire one in this cursed year of 2023?

(alternatively if anyone in Germany has a JTAG setup to borrow, I'm going to be traveling around Germany for most of October...)
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Assuming the one from multi-com won't come back into stock, so you need an alternative. And you want to follow the following guide: https://www.gp2x.dev/devboard/

As I'm not familiar with the cable, but is this the same one but pre-made?

You probably could wire things directly up to the GP2X with less cables (minimum of 5 I think) but that would require experimentation, which is more complex compared to a guided path.
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It's a shame if that shop won't stock them anymore. There are plenty of cables on ebay for e.g. Samsung E720, but they rarely have all the pins. It may be possible to rearrange those they do have? I've never opened one and tried.

Were you trying to install the Open2x firmware (i.e. DR7) or the bootloader? If the former, you don't need JTAG to fix it.
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