What Stuff are you going to use with the Pyra?

Yea alpha geek dominance, impressing the ladies and such. 
I have noticed that females tend to be more impressed by the Pandora than males, though mine is a very small and skewed sample. Perhaps the Pandora is 'cute'.
If it had at a camera and vibration, it would be a perfect replacement for my phone. Replacement for my laptop. Like the screen size,but they keep breaking faster than I expected(no matter how careful)and I'm tired of carrying them around and the power laptops have over mobile is making less of a difference. Also, an alternative to my tablet, when I don't feel like carrying it.
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well technically

Pyra has Camera AND Pyra has Vibration == false
well touche, but it still has a vibration motor... not sure why one would be contingent of the other.


Cool. I didn't know. I only remember it being discussed.
Yeah it was fit into the design... just right of the infamous wonky chip.

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Dreamcast. I hope. I've not kept hold of this ridiculous mass of DC games for nothing :D

That and possibly working on the go- although my laptop will easily last me a train journey so I tend to use that.
I only hope people who is now working on emulators and other things for Pandora does not abandon it once the Pyra is available.... Though I suppose it will be inevitable :(
If you don't mind spending an extra $100 or so you could get a 1080p webcam that would almost certainly work, just a requires a little bit of glue. >_>
If you don't mind spending an extra $100 or so you could get a 1080p webcam that would almost certainly work, just a requires a little bit of glue. >_>
If you're going the glue route - why spend so much?  $5 might get you this, though the reviews state it's hit and miss and miss.

Does it have double the "miss" than most hit-or-miss things?  ;)

-Glyph Reader
I'm planning to use it for emulation, RDP (Remmina or equivalent), Steam if it ever gets working! Maybe a Second Life client if the  Linux version is compatible, docs on the go, I use my Pandy for much of these things, though I spend a lot of time in Remmina on my console PC to run Windows apps that don't run natively on the Pandora, like Skype and Radegast.
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I'm definitely hooking this baby up to my HDMI monitor and USB hub with Xbox 360 gamepad etc.

Would love to show the Pyra, when it's finished, to some people in businesses who might like the fast & easy workflow on such a device.

I've been looking for a handheld like this for ages! There's the products from JXD (.hk) and GPD (model G7), which were pretty sweet (android 4.4, HDMI out, good battery time, big screen, shoulder buttons (only 2, but hey..), but the quality of the manufacturing was terrible.

The main problem was, that there were no updates and never will be outside of the community.

As I've been looking for a machine to emulate games, mostly, and do some dev. work, the pyra might be the perfect companion for me.
Why didn't I hear of this project before?

Has this been announced on Slashdot? Of course, the project is in its early stages. I'm usually pretty informed, I knew the OpenPandora, but the Pyra passed by me without noticing it.

I'm really looking forward to the Pyra. This is gonna be my best investition since the Raspberry PI :)

BTW, I don't see any prices, yet. What price will the Pyra approximately be? 300-500 eur?
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