What should I do with this handful of tinybob's?


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Jul 19, 2003
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I wound up with a handful of tinybob's and now I'm wondering besides making a tv-out cable that won't pull apart on me, what interesting things could/should I do with some of them or does anybody want something specifically that they'd pay for me to make for them? Kinda inbetween jobs atm, so I have free time and could use a little cash :p
Yeah, just a few... Gonna make a nice little video cable for myself for sure...


Ah so these have the EXT connectors already soldered on.
ya afaik, might be one or two that are iffy, but a multimeter can always test that quick before I start soldering ;)

FaeMinx: got 7 :D
"slightly more easy" That's an understatement, for me soldering those connectors (yeah it was me who sold them to Hooka) would have been unthinkable.

Yes I believe that it was peca who I bought the BoBs and connectors from. 
Yeah, I think one's going direct to a tv-out cable and maybe try and make an ir out of the tx & rx on another, cause nothing was funnier than using a pocketstation to turn off every tv in the sony store all at once :p  Did the same with my Tapwave Zodiac at some point too, good times...
Man, I remember when I first started with the connectors, all the big ideas I had, all the excitement everyone else was experiencing about what we could do with them. Did anyone ever actually make something practical with their plugs?

Maybe it's a good thing the Pyra doesn't have an EXT port, just USB and serial connectors.
Did anyone ever actually make something practical with their plugs?

I made a breakout connector board, breaking everything out to a 0.1 pitch connector... other than that a TV out cable and a replacement to the first one I made.
I always planned to make a serial connector, and I might still make one, so that I can reuse my Pandora for its audio circuitry once I have a Pyra and once nothing new to test on my Pandora comes out.  Then I can control it from a PC or something else, without having to open any ports up on it.
Why not look at the serial arduino stuff or similar ? Adding a micro controller directly to the Pandora would be fun and useful 
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s-video out using my shop-bought TV out cable gets me a stable picture that's as good as that SD TV supports, but with only 280-odd lines per field, it's never going to be as pin-sharp as the LCD display.
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